The s/v Pretty Gee is Telstar 28 hull #334, made by Performance Cruising, Inc. of Annapolis, MD.

She was built in April 2006 for me. She is classified as “sport trimaran” like the more common Farrier-designed Corsairs, but was designed to be a cruising trimaran, rather than a racing one. She was designed by Tony Smith, and is the descendent of his older Telstar 26 trimaran in many ways.

The Telstar 28s, at least the ones from the original series as mine is, have the following specs:

LOA 27′ 8″
LWL 26′ 6″
Beam 18′
Beam folded 8′ 6″
Displacement 3600 lbs
Draft 1′ board up
Draft 4′ 6″ board down
Mast height 35′ 6″

There is a tall-mast version, which had a 37′ 6″ mast. From what I understand, the newer versions now sport a longer centerboard, with a 5′ draft.

s/v Pretty Gee at anchor in Tarpaulin Cove, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

She was named Pretty Gee after the ICQ handle I gave Gee, my late wife, when she lived in Seattle, just after we got engaged back in 1999. She and I had discussed buying a boat and going sailing… but she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on June 11, 2001. You can read a bit of our story here.