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Sailing Videos

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I haven’t posted any sailing videos in a while, so I thought I’d post these. They’re from various trips over the past four years or so. Sailing s/v Felix wing-on-wing on the 2010 Bahamas-to-Marion delivery trip The three dolphins that escorted us on the Bahamas-to-Marion Delivery Trip S/V Felix Pre-dawn Sailing on Exuma Sound A […]

Wayne’s First Sail

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A few weeks ago, I ended up taking one of Dave’s friends sailing for the first time. Wayne had never been on a sailboat, much less a trimaran. The weather was mid-70s and the winds about 15–20 knots, with clear blue skies. Somehow, I get the feeling, he’ll be back crewing with us on the […]

Downwind Sailing on Buzzards Bay

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Here’s a video from the downwind leg of the trip to Tarpaulin Cove, back on August 18, 2007.The weekend this was taken had some pretty nasty winds, with gusts of over 35 knots from what I was told. A friend told me that some moored boats in Newport had dragged and been damaged during that […]

Sailing Alongside A Cal 25

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Recently, I was out sailing during the Indian Summer weather we’ve had this October. A Cal 25 from my marina was setting out at the same time, so I thought we’d take some video of them sailing alongside us. I have a few more videos that were taken this season that I’m working on posting, […]

Video of Pretty Gee Sailing

( Sailing andVideo )

I finally got a chance to play with the video that was shot on the last sail of last season. That was the daysail that Dave, Eric, his daughter Kate, and I took last October 7, 2006. I’ve posted it up on, and here it is: LINK. I hope you enjoy it.