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Constitution? what’s a Constitution?

The Bush administration seems to think that it is above the law. Apparently, the Constitution doesn’t apply to them or their War on Terrorism.

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Today, on my way over to see a client, I saw something that made me laugh. In Canton, right on Neponset Street, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts shop. In New England, Dunkin’ Donuts is the local 800-pound gorilla of donut shops—they’re based in Rhode Island. The shop is relatively new, as it wasn’t there last […]

Denver’s Dog Slaughter

I am outraged. Apparently Denver has just passed a law that makes owning a “pit bull” illegal. This law gives the city the right to seize and kill dogs based, not on bad acts or behavior, but purely on their appearance.

Security: Perception vs. Reality

Yet again, the United States is doing something for the sake of doing something, rather than something that may actually affect the war on terrorism. In this case, I’m talking about the decision to conduct random searches of people in New York’s MTA system… The random searches are far more likely to infringe on the civil and constitutional rights of the majority of the public than it ever is likely to capture a terrorist on a suicide mission. Worse than that, the government seems to be saying that this is a security measure that will help prevent the kind of attacks that happened in London…giving a false sense of security.

Politics and Life

The GOP has decided to revisit the case surrounding Terri Schiavo. I understand Michael Schiavo’s position and have to wonder why the GOP is interfering in a private matter.

Imitation as Flattery

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Apple’s iPod shuffle receives the highest form of flattery—imitation.

ChoicePoint Update

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Apparently, ChoicePoint has decided not to fully investigate what data may have been sold to their bogus customers.

Bleeding Edge Technology

The Economist has an enlightening article on the new RFID/biometric passports which are on George W. Bush’s agenda for the world. This is one area where being on the bleeding edge of the technology curve really doesn’t make much sense. Most of the major issues with remote readability, the inaccuracy of the current level of […]

Enemy of my enemy…

I’ve been a Democrat for a long time. Just recently, I found myself agreeing with something I read… and realizing how strange it was that a life-long Democrat would be agreeing with something written by a staunch conservative, who worked for the Reagan administration. Dr. Paul Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during the first Reagan presidency.

The article he wrote last month was talking about how the current Bush conservatives were in many ways both deluded and dangerous… much in the same way the brownshirts of pre-Nazi Germany were. I’m not saying that Republicans are Nazis, but we should be careful to see what they’re doing and how they justify it.