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Student Punished for Doing the Right Thing

Over on the Huffington Post there’s an article about a young woman who is getting punished for doing the right thing. I really have to wonder what school officials think they are doing by punishing this young woman for doing what is pretty clearly the right thing to do. What does the school expect students […]

Clueless Comcast

( Stupidity andTech )

I’ve been dealing with Comcast, aka Xfinity, for almost 15 years on a fairly regular basis thanks to friends and family, including my brother-in-law and Ellie’s family. I’ve seen some stupid problems and bad installations, but the installation at my friend’s house i fixed last night takes the cake though. My friend has had Xfinity’s […]

Proof the US Legal System is Broken

If you need any proof that the US legal system is broken, this story is pretty much all you need to read. Currently, an asshat that is also an attorney has filed suit against one of my favorite online cartoon websites–The Oatmeal, the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society, as well as the […]

Giving Credit

I was reading June’s Cruising World and there’s an article about the Gunboat 66 Gazelle. Herb McCormick, who wrote the article, describes a photo of the forward cockpit as a “signature, centrally located forward cockpit”. Too bad he didn’t do his research… Gunboat stole the idea from the Chris White-designed Atlantic Catamarans, which had the […]

Identity Theft

I recently saw an ad on TV for a company that says they can protect you from “identity theft”. Identity, by definition, can not be stolen. Identity can be defined as: the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another. While someone can pretend to be you…they can not actually be you. Granted, if […]

Walking Away

I have tried everything in my power to get Ellie’s family to try and see that she has a problem. I have given them all the evidence and documentation of Ellie’s problem, but they will not even look at it. It just seems that they can not or will not accept that this is a […]

Should We Bail Out Detroit

George W. Bush’s plan to tap the TARP fund to bail out the big Three is short-sighted and irresponsible. It doesn’t matter where the money goes, it is throwing good money after bad. Letting the auto industry sink or swim on its own is the only way to get the UAW and the management of the big three automakers to accept a changed reality of the auto industry. Honda, Toyota, et al, all have factories in the USA now. Building cars that are fuel efficient is something that should have been done decades ago….

Bad Service/Good Service

I thought I’d add another name to the vendor black list. Apparently, Quantum Sails of Newport doesn’t think much of its customers, at least in one case I’ve seen. I was looking at the stack pack on a friend’s boat, and there was a section about three inches long that the stitching had missed going […]


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Tonight, on the news, I saw this story. Having been a caretaker for someone with terminal cancer, it is inconceivable that anyone would deliberately withhold cancer chemotherapy drugs from someone diagnosed with an 85–90% chance of survival. However, Kristen Anne LaBrie, a 36-year-old Beverly mother did just that—deliberately withholding cancer chemotherapy drugs from her autistic […]

Drunk Driving and Personal Breathalyzers

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Recently, some companies have come out with personal breathalyzers. People are supposed to buy these small, portable, battery-powered devices so they can find out whether they’ve had too much to drink or not. Will using a personal portable breathalyzer help reduce drunk driving? No, I actually think it may make things worse. Personally, I think […]

More Diebold Problems

Apparently, Diebold has issued a quiet recall on the motherboards in their insecure electronic voting machines. This article from the freedom to tinker blog has the details. One interesting detail in the story is that according to a Diebold internal memo, the flaw was known in March of 2004, and yet Diebold allowed the faulty […]

Why I Love Doonesbury

One of my favorite comic strips to read is Doonesbury. Garry Trudeau has been drawing this strip forever, and what I love about it is the strong political sensibilities he has. Today’s comic is a prime example of this. The political blustering and fear-mongering used by the Republicans should be overshadowed by their lack of […]

The Wrong Approach to Security

( News andPolitics andSecurity andStupidity andTech ) has an interesting article on the controversy created by Christopher Soghoian, a security researcher, who had created a website application that allowed one to generate authentic looking, but completely bogus, Northwest Airline Boarding Passes. He created the application in hopes of getting Congress to take a real look at the security vulnerabilities of the […]

More Money Than Sense

( News andStupidity )

I love the recent story about casino mogul Steve Wynn, who put his elbow through a Picasso original at a cocktail party. You would think that he would be more careful around a $139 million painting…I certainly would be. The story goes on to say what methods would probably be used to repair the […]

Really, You Don’t Say

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Well, scientists are stating the obvious again. In a recent NYT article, they publish the results of a study, which concludes that listening to music at too loud a volume will lead to hearing damage. Umm…this is news?

More RFID Insecurity

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The New York Times has a good article on how easy it is to hack some of the new “touchless” RFID-based credit cards. My favorite quote from the article: And because the cards can be read even through a wallet or an item of clothing, the security of the information, the researchers say, is startlingly […]

Clueless Marketing

( Rants andStupidity )

I recently found two comments on my blog for Bayliner Discovery boats. Apparently, the company has hired someone to place a marketing pitch on the comments of blogs that are boating related. I have found the comment on Bonnie’s blog, Frogma, as well as Sherry’s blog, Stay of Execution. They’ve apparently attempted to post the […]

September 11

Paris Parfait has an excellent entry for today. It truly expresses the difference between being an American and the American government—which has abused the tragedy of this day to hold on to political and economic power for itself. My thanks to Erin for the link. From Paris Parfait’s post: No words adequate to describe the […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 1—The Joys of Air Travel

Today, I’m writing this post from my hotel room, down in Newport News, Virginia. I flew down this evening for a wedding tomorrow. I’m due to fly back on Sunday morning. The problem with air travel, aside from the security issues, is that trying to do so during the hurricane season can be challenging. Yesterday, […]

Cell Phone KIA

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Well, I did go out sailing on Wednesday. While the day was pretty good overall, my cell phone was killed in action. It fell out of my shirt pocket, and into the water along side the Pretty Gee, when I was tieing off one of the docklines. So, if you’re trying to reach me at […]

Taking Charge

Here’s the story behind why I was at the marina until 3:00 a.m. on the morning of the Fourth of July. On the afternoon of third of July, I was was sitting on the Pretty Gee, looking at the navigation electronics, as I wanted to see what the current wind conditions were like—as I was […]

Doing the Right Thing

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Have you ever lost a cell phone or PDA? I know that most of my techie friends would be up the creek if they ever lost their cell phone. Over the years, I’ve found a few, and always try to get in touch with the owner to return it. The problem is not actually losing […]

Web-based Scam Targeting Sailors

This post mixes two of my favorite topics: computer security and sailing. On one of the many sailing boards I visit, there was a posting for crew positions on the Team Compass Point boat for the 2006 Sydney-Hobart and Gosford-Lord Howe Island Races. I was curious about this, so I requested the information—sending them an […]

To Serve And Protect

Generally, there isn’t a police officer around when you need one. There have been many times, on my various road trips, where I just wished a police officer was nearby, to see some of the incredibly stupid things some drivers do. Saturday was the exception that proves the rule. This past Saturday, as I was […]

Shocking Work

I’ve been going over the work done by Peter Kennedy Yatch Services on the Pretty Gee, and it isn’t very pretty. Even though Peter Kennedy came very highly recommended by several sailors I had e-mailed and spoken with, and by Performance Cruising, the manufacturers of the Telstar, I would not recommend him. While I tried […]

More Miscellany

More short entries about recent news worth looking at. More Political Corruption A recent New York Times article mentions that a former governor of Illinois, Republican George Ryan, has been convicted of all charges in a federal corruption case. The administrations of several Illinois Democrats, including Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley are […]

News Roundup

This is a roundup of various small news articles I’d just like to highlight. Vermont Calls for Bush Impeachment According to this Yahoo News article, the state government of Vermont, which is highly Democratic, passed a motion asking Congress to open impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush. This is probably a good idea, as what […]

More of the Same

( News andPolitics andStupidity )

Bad behavior still showing up in Republicans all around. Not all that surprising… kind of predictable, and very sad. Unethical Voter Registration—California Style In California, the Republican Party has been accused of flipping people to the Republican party without their permission. Orange County election officials received complaints from 167 people, and an investigation by the […]

More Republican Idiocy

Apparently, the Bush regime, the Republican Party and their supporters don’t have any idea of what is ethical or moral behavior. The party of the Moral Majority seems to have no bounds to the depths of unethical and stupid behaviour that they will stoop. Telemarketing Firm Official Indicted in Phone Jamming Case It isn’t enough […]

Bad Journalism

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Forbes has an article on the ten most polluted cities in the United States. In their slide show of the ten cities they mention US highways. Unfortunately, the idiots editors over at Forbes don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between US highways, like US Route 1—which are the old federal highways, and […]