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s/v Felix—Delivery leg Norfolk, VA to Belhaven, NC

Earlier this year I was asked by John and Lorie if I could help them with moving their boat, s/v Felix, south for the winter.  Since the sailing season here in New England was over, and they are good friends, I volunteered to help with the leg from Norfolk, VA to Belhaven, NC. After discussing […]

Sailing and the Simple Life

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Teresa is a fellow sailor.  She and her Norsea 27, s/v Daphne are headed south, with the eventual destination of the Virgin Islands.  She’s been in the press a before, like this A Landlubber’s Guide to Sailing in the Martha Vineyard Times, but this article in The Leader and Kalaskian is about her and her […]

An s/v Felix update

s/v Felix has made it to Norfolk, which is their first major stopover point on their winter cruise south.  I understand that John, Lorie and Chris will be staying in Norfolk for a few weeks, outfitting the boat and getting her ready for the next leg of their trip south. They’re actually only a few […]

And They’re Off….

I’m happy to report that s/v Felix is headed south for the winter. John, Lorie, and Chris have headed for Norfolk, VA, as their first major destination, with plans of heading south to Florida’s Gulf Coast eventually. Norm, my friend who captained a section of the delivery from Annapolis to Marion back in May, is […]

Fourth of July 2009

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My friends Charles and Hilary were going down to Cuttyhunk for the Fourth of July and asked if I was going down. I told them I would see them there. We had invited my friends John and Lorie as well, as we thought this would be a good introduction to cruising for them. John, being […]

Sailing and Surprises

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This post is dedicated to my friend, Margee, who was stuck at work on the day we were sailing. I promised her this post and wrote it so she could sail vicariously through me. I’d like all my readers to wish her congratulations as she recently graduated from veterinary school and is now a Doggy […]

Three Days and Three Sailboats

Well, this past weekend, had me working on three different boats on three different days. Three days and three different boats—Saturday: an O’Day Javelin; Sunday: an O’Day 302; Monday: a Gemini 105Mc Catamaran. It started out on Saturday, when I was helping my friend’s son and a friend with the O’Day Javelin that they bought […]

The Long Way to the Mooring

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Yesterday, Johnnie Jr. and I went down to the marina to setup the mooring I’m using for the Pretty Gee this season. We got out the inflatable dinghy and rowed out to the mooring and attached the mooring pennant. I’m using a fairly heavy mooring pennant, 3/4″ x 15′. It’s attached to the boat via […]

The SPOT Messenger

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This past Christmas, I received a SPOT Messenger. I didn’t activate it until just recently, when I was helping deliver a sailboat from Annapolis to Marion, Mass. The reason I decided to activate the SPOT service was so that several of the families and friends of two of my fellow delivery crew would be able […]

Annapolis to Marion, MA—Delivering s/v Felix

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Last Wednesday, I took the Acela train down to BWI. I went down to help my friends deliver s/v Felix, a Gemini 105Mc Catamaran from Annapolis, MD, to her new home port of Marion, MA. I stayed with my friends Mary and Chuck, who also own a Gemini catamaran. Mary would be joining the delivery […]

The Cruising Sailor’s Toolkit

On a sailing forum, the question of what tools should a boat have aboard came up. While the tool kit would vary, depending on what boat you have and what area you’re sailing in, as well as what kind of sailing you’ll be doing. If you’re just day-sailing or weekending, or sail on a landlocked […]

Controlling Lines—Cleats, Clutches, and Jammers

There was a sailor asking me about his mainsheet setup on an on-line forum, and was thinking of using line clutches or line jammers for his mainsheet. I tried to explain that this was both unwise and dangerous. A line clutch or line jammer can take too long to release—and in the case of a […]

A Simple Fender Board

On one of the sailing forums I frequent, a poster asked about fender boards. For the cruising sailor, especially one that has to deal with slips that have rough pilings, concrete or stone seawalls or locks, fender boards can prevent a lot of damage to the boat and fenders. The simplest fender board to make […]

Don Jordan and the Jordan Series Drogue

In my opinion, the greatest storm safety device ever created is the Jordan Series Drogue. The JSD was the brainchild of Don Jordan, a retired aeronautical engineer, in response to the fatalities that were the result of the 1979 Fastnet disaster. I believe that the Jordan Series Drogue is a piece of gear that every […]

Multihulls In A Nutshell

( Sailing andThoughts )

Multihulls have some advantages and disadvantages compared to monohulls, and a lot of how severe those advantages/disadvantages are depends on the exact design you’re looking at. Whether one will be suitable for your purposes depends a lot on what you’re trying to do. For instance, a lot of the charter market catamarans have trouble sailing […]

New Sailing Forum Online

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There’s a brand new sailing forum online now called Anything Sailing. It was founded by three sailors that were tired of seeing threads about faulty products censored.  One of the sailors is a good friend of mine and sails a custom 42′ racing sailboat with a 10′ draft.  The other two I know from other […]

Solar Power on Boats

Recently, I wrote a post on a sailing forum about the 25 Watt solar panel I added to the s/v Pretty Gee to act as a maintenance charger for the boat, while it is stored on the hard for the winter. On one of the forums, I was asked if a charge controller was needed. […]

Telstar 28—Evolution

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I originally wrote the following post for the International Telstar Owners Association Forum.  I’ve decided to re-publish it here as well, since many of the visitors to my blog are interested in the Telstar 28. ********************************************************* The Telstar 28 was introduced in late 2003. Since the boat was introduced, it has had some changes to […]

LED Lights

One thing that I’d highly recommend for all cruising sailboats is upgrading to LED-based lights. This is for two reasons. The first is that upgrading to LED lights can reduce the electrical load on a cruising sailboat significantly. The second is that LED-based lights are lower maintenance and lower cost over the long run. You […]

Bilge Pumps

Over on one of the sailing forums I participate in, there was a question about how to setup the bilge pumps on a boat.  Here are my thoughts on that issue. Ideally, the a monohull sailboat should have at least four bilge pumps.  Two would be electric, and two would be manual. The two manual […]

Evolution of the Telstar 28

( Sailing )

The Telstar 28 was introduced in late 2003. Since the boat was introduced, it has had some changes to the design as it has evolved. The original boats had a centerboard with a draft of 4′ 3″. It was offered in two models, a base version that was essentially the hull and mast, but didn’t […]

Passing Through

Got a message from a friend of mine that he was going to be stuck at Logan Airport for a couple hours and asked if I could meet him and have coffee at the airport. Since I wasn’t that far from the airport and could take the time off, I decided to head over there. […]

James Baldwin’s Pocket Bluewater Cruiser List

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There are often people looking to get a bluewater capable boat for a relatively low budget. James Baldwin, of Atom fame, has posted a list of about sixty boats that are under 33′ which he considers fairly capable and easily modified to be used as bluewater pocket cruisers. I’m pretty impressed with the list, but […]

The O’Day Javelin

Today, I was working at my friend’s company and a strange thing happened.  When she walked in, she asked me to take a look at some photos that were on her cell phone.  On her way into the office, she had passed a sailboat for sale.  She wanted to know what I thought of it. […]

Bad Service/Good Service

I thought I’d add another name to the vendor black list. Apparently, Quantum Sails of Newport doesn’t think much of its customers, at least in one case I’ve seen. I was looking at the stack pack on a friend’s boat, and there was a section about three inches long that the stitching had missed going […]

Ground Tackle

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Recently, I was asked why I have such an oversized anchor hanging off the bow roller on the Pretty Gee. That’s a good question. The primary anchor I have on the Pretty Gee is a New Zealand-designed Rocna 15. It weighs 33 lbs., and is the same anchor that an acquaintance of mine uses on […]

Wyatt’s Dehler 33

Today, I went over to Wickford Harbor, in Rhode Island. I went to see if I could help Wyatt out with some issues he’s having on his Dehler 33. He seems to be having some problems with the VHF radio, which is original to the boat from 1997. I brought my SWR meter, a multi-meter […]

New Lazy Jacks and Main Sail Furling Setup

One of my goals, as part of leading the halyards aft project, was setting up a new lazy jack system on the Pretty Gee. The original system only had two legs and really didn’t do a very good job of controlling and containing the main sail. This past week, I finished setting up the new […]

Boat Upgrades

Recently a friend asked me what work I’ve done on my boat. Here’s a list of the various upgrade projects that I’ve either done or am in the process of doing on the boat over the last two years. The ones with the asterisks are works currently in progress. Main Hull and Bottom Installed Jacklines […]

Sea Spirit—A Cal 25

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Sunday, I helped Ken and Dottie bend the sails on Sea Spirit, their Cal 25. We took her out for a quick sail. Ken fired up the 8 HP Tohatsu outboard and we motored over to the swing bridge. We had missed the 14:15 bridge opening, so we waited for the next opening. Once past […]