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S/V Alina Marie

My friends Ralph and Alina brought their Tylercraft 26 to my marina on their way from the southern side of Long Island, where they bought the boat two years ago, back to Maine, where they live. That was two seasons ago. Earlier this season, Ralph and Alina got married. They have been working on recommissioning […]

Boating Safety

With the upcoming holiday, I would ask that people who are going to be out on the water take extra care. The major holidays are often times where serious accidents, which could be mostly avoidable with a little care and foresight, happen. I would highly recommend that everyone who spends time on the water boating, […]

Summer Heat Safety Guide

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Because of the current summer heat wave, I wanted to post some information on Summer Heat Safety… taken from the NY Red Cross website. I’d add that you really need to stay well hydrated…by the time you become thirsty, you’re already well on your way to being dehydrated, so drink water, and lots of it. […]

Ground Tackle—Emergency Gear

Just curious, how many of my readers consider a good anchor an important piece of emergency safety gear? There was a recent story about two boaters who were rescued after their boat ran out of fuel and was forced by seas and wind on to the rocky shore. Now, it seems to me that if […]

Cabin Sole Lockers

One of my major projects from this past winter was adding some additional stowage to the main cabin of s/v Pretty Gee. Stowage is very scarce on most trailerable trimarans and the Telstar 28 is no exception. My aim was to make the boat more comfortable, safer and more seaworthy while also giving the boat […]

Anchor Locker and Bow Crash Compartment

During the last winter, I pulled the holding tank from my boat, s/v Pretty Gee. The tank had difficult to trace leak that turned out to be due to a couple of cracks in the side of the tank. When I pulled the tank, I noticed that there is a fairly large space in front […]


We make choices every day. Some we are conscious of, others we are not. Some of these choices can affect others, not just ourselves, and not always in good ways. I recently found out that Ellie had been in a car accident. From what I have heard, it wasn’t a serious car accident. And as […]

Distress Signals

One of the most important pieces of safety gear are distress signals. There are many kinds of distress signals, but they fall into three categories as a general rule. Visual Distress Signals: These include flares, smoke, flags, mirrors, waving your arms, strobe lights, etc. They are designed to attract attention to you or your boat […]

Small Boat Safety Gear

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One of my friends is a die-hard Laser sailor.  Tillerman, recently asked on his blog, what safety gear he should be carrying on his Laser.  That prompted a response from me that was rather lengthy for a blog comment, and lead to me writing this post. This list of safety gear applies to almost all […]