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Picasa 2.5 Released

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Good news for the PC users out there. Google has released Picasa v. 2.5. This is great for Windows-based PC users who are into digital photography, since the PC platform doesn’t really have anything like iPhoto on the Mac. There are higher-end programs, like i-View Multimedia Pro, and Lightroom, but i-View is fairly expensive for […]


As a photographer, I found one site very interesting. The site is called Strobist, and is a blog by a professional photographer, and is all about using small, hot-shoe based flash, particularly off-camera, for photography. While he has scaled back the level of his blogging recently, the site is an excellent resource for any photographers […]

Journalism, Photoshop, Ethics and Discrimination

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Reuters is one of the largest media companies in the world. Their well known for their news coverage in written, photographic and television media. They are also well known for their business and financial news coverage. However, recently, their credibility has come under fire—understandably so. A recent photo, that was supposedly taken by a Reuters […]

The Art of Looking

The art of looking, and seeing what is really out there, is fairly rare among most people today. As a photographer, I try to see the uncommon in the most common of things. I try to see what is hidden among the obvious, what is really below the surface.