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Government Gone Amuck

“Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren’t, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it.” —Gloria Steinem This was the quote of the day today, and somehow it seems very appropriate given some of the recent stories I’ve been reading. I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in the […]

Integrity and Courage

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I recently got one of the Dixie Chicks albums from a friend. Apparently, this is a follow-up album to the one that was boycotted during the start of the Iraq invasion. Lead singer Natalie Maines, apparently had the integrity and courage to say what she believed about the war in Iraq. From the CNN article […]

Doing the Right Thing

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Have you ever lost a cell phone or PDA? I know that most of my techie friends would be up the creek if they ever lost their cell phone. Over the years, I’ve found a few, and always try to get in touch with the owner to return it. The problem is not actually losing […]

More Miscellany

More short entries about recent news worth looking at. More Political Corruption A recent New York Times article mentions that a former governor of Illinois, Republican George Ryan, has been convicted of all charges in a federal corruption case. The administrations of several Illinois Democrats, including Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley are […]

Corporate Ethics

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In a recent Fox News story, Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy, the national electronics retail chain has been accused of using pirated software. This isn’t really surprising. Reuters, the financial information and news wire service, constantly pirated software for use at special events. So do many other large corporations. What is surprising is […]

News Roundup

This is a roundup of various small news articles I’d just like to highlight. Vermont Calls for Bush Impeachment According to this Yahoo News article, the state government of Vermont, which is highly Democratic, passed a motion asking Congress to open impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush. This is probably a good idea, as what […]

More of the Same

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Bad behavior still showing up in Republicans all around. Not all that surprising… kind of predictable, and very sad. Unethical Voter Registration—California Style In California, the Republican Party has been accused of flipping people to the Republican party without their permission. Orange County election officials received complaints from 167 people, and an investigation by the […]

More Corporate Disloyalty

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In a recent Security Focus article, there is a discussion about Blizzard, the DMCA, and the use of lawyerbots to prevent copyright infringement. Unfortunately, this is corporate bullying at its worst—the book they’re preventing from publishing isn’t a matter of copyright infringement, but of lost corporate profits and licensing fees. Quoting from Mark Rasch’s article: […]

Happy Birthday Apple

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Well, today is April 1, 2006, and Apple computer was founded 30 years ago. As an avid Mac user, I would like to wish Apple a very Happy 30th Birthday.

More Republican Idiocy

Apparently, the Bush regime, the Republican Party and their supporters don’t have any idea of what is ethical or moral behavior. The party of the Moral Majority seems to have no bounds to the depths of unethical and stupid behaviour that they will stoop. Telemarketing Firm Official Indicted in Phone Jamming Case It isn’t enough […]

Some More Miscellany

Here are a collection of stories from recent news. The stories include security scares in Florida and Pennsylvania , pre-emptive law enforcement in Texas, more NSA civil rights violations, Ohio town stupidity, and more Bush corruption. Domestic Terror Scares In Pittsburgh, PA, a local worker caused a terrorism scare. A two-hour long disruption was caused […]

Poverty and the Bush Regime

I recently received an e-mail which states that the Bush regime is spending money at the rate of $1 billion every eight hours and twenty minutes. This means that Bu$hco is spending a little over $33,000 per second. This is over twice the $16,090 poverty-level income for a family of three—per second. This wouldn’t be […]

Mac OSX Security

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Recently, there was an article from ZDNet about how a Mac was “hacked” in a mere thirty minutes. Much was made about how insecure Mac OS X is because of this article. However, one very important fact that was never mentioned in the ZDNet Wintel propaganda article was that the person who “hacked” the machine […]

More Disturbing Developments

This is a collection of disturbing developments. Some point towards increasing fascism under neo-conservatives, and others point out continuing incompetence in the new regime.

Republicans Misbehaving

Here are a collection of short posts that all seem to have a common thread—Republicans misbehaving. Whether it is lying, intimidation, spying, breaking the law, or stealing, it all seems to point to a definite lack of moral values by the party of the Moral Majority. How sad. Even worse is that the American people continue to allow such behavior to continue endlessly.

Lucky Steve

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Steve is a golf fanatic. He produces a local cable television golf show. This week, he got to live a serious golfer’s dream… a chance to play with golf with Tiger Woods in a Pro-Am tournament in Florida. Here’s the interview with him on a local TV station. They don’t mention in the story is […]

King George Revisited

George W. Bush has been President for a little over five years. He has yet to exercise his right to veto laws passed by Congress. This week, he has finally threatened to use his power of veto, and what is he planning on vetoing? A law which would prevent a company based in the United Arab Emirates, a known haven of terrorism, from taking over control of six major American ports.

Fascism—America Style, Part II

Another update on fascism under the Bush regime. More information on problems with electronic voting machines in Florida from the 2004 election can be seen here. Given all the inconsistencies that have been found with the electronic voting machines in Florida and the security issues found in the Ohio-based Diebold electronic voting machines, it seems quite likely that the authenticity of the Presidential Election results in 2004 is highly questionable. Looks like fascism is very much alive and well in the United States of Bush & Co.

What Really Happened on 9/11

As more time has passed, the official government story about September 11, 2001 seems to be less and less plausible. The video clip I posted earlier and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 are among the many questioning the actual events of September 11, 2001, and the Bush regime’s connection to the various individuals involved. Even some members of our Congress are questioning the official story.

Force-feeding Prisoners

Apparently, the Bush regime has decided that force-feeding prisoners at Guantanamo is allowed. The New York Times reported on nearly eighty prisoners going on hunger strikes earlier this month. The most probably reason for the force-feeding of prisoners is that the Bush regime is afraid that the prisoners will become martyrs if they should die […]

Mac Security Issues Overblown

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There is a good article over at Wired News on how the current Mac-related security issues are being blown way out of proportion. But by taking reasonable precautions, there is actually very little risk to the Mac platform in reality. As I have said before, Mac users should be running a firewall, like Intego’s NetBarrier, and a good anti-virus package, like ClamXAV, at a minimum. Good computer security is an on-going, ever-evolving process.

Corporate Hubris

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Dell, which changed its name from Dell Computers in 2003, is going after a web designer, Paul Dell, because of his two websites. Dell claims that Paul Dell’s use of and dilute their trademark, and is suing for both transfer of the domain names as well as monetary damages. Paul Dell is a Menorca, Spain-based web designer and photographer.

BYU Professor Questions 9/11

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Over at Homeland Stupidity, there’s a post about Brigham Young University Steven Jones. Jones is asking for a special investigation to see if the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by explosions in a controlled demolition. More questions and information about what really happened on September 11, 2001 can be seen in this video.

Miscellaneous Links

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Here are a series of stories that I thought were worth reading, but I don’t believe warrant a post of their own. Some are related to previous posts, and I will try to link them back to the related posts.

Truth and the Bush Regime

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Apparently, there is nothing the Bush regime can tell the truth about. If the Bush administration is going to such lengths to cover up a simple hunting accident, one must really ask what else are they covering up, and to what lengths are they willing to go to do so? It would seem that the TRUTH is one of the casualties of the Bush regime’s “War on Fundamentalism”.

A Sane Response to Terrorism

Wandering the internet, I came across an article with an excellent and sane response to terrorists and terrorism. America could learn alot from this. My thanks to Emergent Chaos for the link.

Apple Sued Again

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Apparently, the powers that be are angry with Apple for succeeding where the other technology companies could not….or for that matter the music labels failed too. Thomas Slattery has been given the green light for his monopolization claim under the federal Sherman Anti-Trust act according to the articles at eHomeUpgrade and Tera Patricks’ blog. I […]

NASA vs. the Bush Regime

Score one for the side of truth, ethics and science. Apparently, GWB’s politically appointed toady, George C. Deutsch, has resigned according to this article over at New York Times. While NASA won’t disclose the reasons for his resignation, the fact that George (Deutsch, not Bush) lied about graduating from Texas A & M University has […]

Dell vs. the iPod

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Apparently Dell has given up the fight against the iPod.

Editorial Cartoons

Editorial cartoons have been in the news quite a bit recently. The main furor is over the Danish newspaper depictions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, which can be seen here. The reactions of the Islamic fundamentalists has been a bit extreme, but not surprisingly so, given that they are Islamic fundamentalists. What is worrying is the reactions of other, non-Islamic groups, like the Vatican, which has called the cartoons a “unacceptable provocation”; CNN, which has in its cowardice, refused to even show the cartoons in question; and our own government, which has denounced the publication of cartoons that incite religious or ethnic hatred. The Hammer of Truth blog makes these points quite well.