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God Gave Me You

Added more Blake Shelton to the music collection. I particularly like this video of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton for his song “God Gave Me You”. I just wish Ellie would listen to the words of this song and realize that I am here for her and love her. My commitment to her is a […]

You Don’t Know Her Like I Do

( Music )

Just added this to my cellphone’s music collection. Hey ole friend, thanks for callin’ Its good to know somebody cares And yeah, she’s gone, But I don’t feel like talkin’ Might be just too much to bear To hear somebody say I’ll stop hurting To hear somebody say she ain’t worth it You don’t know […]

Etta James, RIP

Etta James, probably best known for her song At Last, just passed away. It’s sad to hear for me because Etta and At Last were what Gee and I picked for our wedding 12 years ago. We didn’t even have to discuss it…it was the first choice for both of us. Even today, over […]

One More Day

When I first heard One More Day, I was driving Gee’s little Saturn, and nearly drove off the road because of the tears that made seeing the road almost impossible. It sums up what I felt after she died better than any words I could express myself. This is one of my favorite songs…I believe […]

Passing Through

Got a message from a friend of mine that he was going to be stuck at Logan Airport for a couple hours and asked if I could meet him and have coffee at the airport. Since I wasn’t that far from the airport and could take the time off, I decided to head over there. […]

Integrity and Courage

( Music andNews andPolitics andThoughts )

I recently got one of the Dixie Chicks albums from a friend. Apparently, this is a follow-up album to the one that was boycotted during the start of the Iraq invasion. Lead singer Natalie Maines, apparently had the integrity and courage to say what she believed about the war in Iraq. From the CNN article […]