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iPod Classic

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I recently received a new iPod Classic. This is the latest generation of the full-sized, hard-diskdrive-based iPods. I’ve noticed a few things about it that I believe are a key reason that Apple has managed to retain the bulk of the MP3 player market share, even after all of these years. First, the hardware user […]

Comcast HD DVR vs. Tivo

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Over on John Battelle’s Searchblog, is a post about the new Comcast HD DVR and how it compares to a Tivo. Some of the commenters have mentioned a few other technologies in their comments. One is the Windows Media Center-based Home Theater PCs. Another is the Macintosh computer. I commented on his blog, and this […]

New MacBook Pros Announced

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine about a month ago. She was asking about what laptop to buy. I told her to get a new MacBook Pro, but to hold off, as I felt that Apple would be announcing upgraded machines around the end of October, which would have the Core 2 […]

Happy Birthday Apple

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Well, today is April 1, 2006, and Apple computer was founded 30 years ago. As an avid Mac user, I would like to wish Apple a very Happy 30th Birthday.

Mac OSX Security

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Recently, there was an article from ZDNet about how a Mac was “hacked” in a mere thirty minutes. Much was made about how insecure Mac OS X is because of this article. However, one very important fact that was never mentioned in the ZDNet Wintel propaganda article was that the person who “hacked” the machine […]

MacBook Pro: The Switch to Intel

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I recently sold my 15” 1.67 GHz G4 PowerBook to my friend for her daughter to use. Then I went and purchased a MacBook Pro. Yes, I know… I keep warning people about purchasing Rev. A hardware, but I am generally bad at taking much of my own advice. Photoshop, running under Rosetta is significantly slower on my MacBook Pro than it was on the PowerBook. The MacBook Pro is fully loaded, with 2GB of RAM and a 2 GHz Intel Duo processor, so the fact that Photoshop is slow is very telling. These are my current thoughts on Apple’s switch to Intel-based computers.

Miscellaneous Links

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Here are a series of stories that I thought were worth reading, but I don’t believe warrant a post of their own. Some are related to previous posts, and I will try to link them back to the related posts.

Apple Sued Again

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Apparently, the powers that be are angry with Apple for succeeding where the other technology companies could not….or for that matter the music labels failed too. Thomas Slattery has been given the green light for his monopolization claim under the federal Sherman Anti-Trust act according to the articles at eHomeUpgrade and Tera Patricks’ blog. I […]

Taking Security for Granted

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I often get asked if I run anti-virus software on my Mac, and if I do, why do I bother. The reasoning of the people asking me is usually something like: “There are no viruses for Mac OS X, so why waste the time/money running an anti-virus package on a Mac.”

Apple, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Intel

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With the new Macs being Intel-based, there is now the possibility of running MS Windows on a Mac. One might ask, why would anyone want to run MS Windows on a Mac…especially given how expensive the Mac hardware has been….if you want to run Windows, why not just get a cheap no-name computer to do it with.