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An s/v Felix update

s/v Felix has made it to Norfolk, which is their first major stopover point on their winter cruise south.  I understand that John, Lorie and Chris will be staying in Norfolk for a few weeks, outfitting the boat and getting her ready for the next leg of their trip south. They’re actually only a few […]

And They’re Off….

I’m happy to report that s/v Felix is headed south for the winter. John, Lorie, and Chris have headed for Norfolk, VA, as their first major destination, with plans of heading south to Florida’s Gulf Coast eventually. Norm, my friend who captained a section of the delivery from Annapolis to Marion back in May, is […]

Three Days and Three Sailboats

Well, this past weekend, had me working on three different boats on three different days. Three days and three different boats—Saturday: an O’Day Javelin; Sunday: an O’Day 302; Monday: a Gemini 105Mc Catamaran. It started out on Saturday, when I was helping my friend’s son and a friend with the O’Day Javelin that they bought […]

Passing Through

Got a message from a friend of mine that he was going to be stuck at Logan Airport for a couple hours and asked if I could meet him and have coffee at the airport. Since I wasn’t that far from the airport and could take the time off, I decided to head over there. […]

The O’Day Javelin

Today, I was working at my friend’s company and a strange thing happened.  When she walked in, she asked me to take a look at some photos that were on her cell phone.  On her way into the office, she had passed a sailboat for sale.  She wanted to know what I thought of it. […]

Happy Fourth Of July 2008!

Originally, my plans for the Fourth of July were to go and anchor out in Buzzards Bay, just outside the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier, and watch the fireworks over Fort Phoenix. I changed those plans because there was supposed to be a 70% chance of thunderstorms and the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier was going to […]

Seven Years, Seven Months and Seven Days Ago

Seven years, seven months and seven days ago was one of the happiest days of my life. It was November 4, 2000, and I married the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I knew I was going to marry her the very first time I heard her voice. It is difficult to believe that today, […]

Siteseeing with Alex

My friend Alex was stuck up in New Hampshire for work. He lives in Portugal, but occasionally visits New England because of his job. Since I had some boat hardware for his boat, I went by his hotel yesterday to drop it off. Alex looked miserable, sailing withdrawal… Since my boat isn’t quite ready to […]

One Score and Eight Years Ago

Today is always a day of mixed memories for me. Twenty years ago today, my identical twin brother, David, was killed by a drunken driver just outside of Nashville, Tennesee.  The drunk driver only got 90 days suspended due to the incompetence of the police department that handled the accident investigation. It took the police […]

A New Niece

Well, I am an uncle again. Earlier this month, my new niece was born.  Abigail Kim Morrissey is the first grandchild in my in-laws family, and I am very happy to be an uncle again.  She was born on August 1, 2007 and weighed six pounds and 13 ounces.  Her mother is my sister-in-law, Michele. […]

Father’s Day—What Two Fathers Taught Me

I’d like to wish two very special people a Happy Father’s Day today. They are my father and my father-in-law, Gee’s father. These are two of the most important people in my life, and I don’t believe that I tell them this enough. My father-in-law honored my in a way that I had never expected. […]

Brad’s Getting Older

This past weekend, we celebrated Brad’s birthday. Brad was the best man at my wedding and one of my three closest friends. I was the best man at his wedding a few years ago. He and I met in a journalism class at Northeastern, many years ago. He needed a photographer who could ski, and […]


In the last week I’ve had some friends and family visit Boston and the surrounding area. My friend Cindy, who lives in New Mexico, was in town for a training last week. One aunt and uncle came here from Honduras to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Another friend, Alex from Portugal, has been working up in […]

Happy Birthday!

Today is my nephew Nicholas’s sixth birthday. He is very excited to be six. My sister had a massive party with tons of his friends. I avoided the party… that many five and six-year-olds are way too noisy for me. It is also the forty-something birthday of one of my best friends, Brian. He’s over […]

The World’s Largest Valentine

This morning, I awoke to find another Valentine’s Day card from Gee. The world outside my window was blanketed in a fresh New England snowstorm. I guess it is her way of wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day, and reminding me that not only is today Valentine’s Day, but also her birthday.  She would have […]

Small World

As many of my blog readers also read Tillerman’s Proper Course blog, I thought I’d share an interesting discovery.  I am indirectly connected to him, and his family. I just got a comment, as did he, from his daughter-in-law, Anne. Anne just realized that I am Debbi’s little brother. Debbi and Kathy, Anne’s older sister, […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 3—Airline Security Redux

I got up this morning at about 5:00 a.m. I had an 8:10 flight to catch back up to Beantown. After getting dressed and packed, I walked down to the hotel lobby. I asked the front desk to call a cab for me, to take me to the Newport News airport. A few minutes later, […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 2

This weekend, I headed down to Newport News, Virginia. Getting to Newport News was a challenge, but not all that bad, except the nine-and-a-half hour day spent in Logan International Airport. Flying down to Virginia, while tropical storm Ernesto is sitting over the state is not really my idea of fun, but I had made […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 1—The Joys of Air Travel

Today, I’m writing this post from my hotel room, down in Newport News, Virginia. I flew down this evening for a wedding tomorrow. I’m due to fly back on Sunday morning. The problem with air travel, aside from the security issues, is that trying to do so during the hurricane season can be challenging. Yesterday, […]


Over on Dear Elena, there is a post titled “Blame”. It is about whether Daniel or Kim is responsible for their daughter’s death. Elena died from a bacterial infection about six months ago. I can understand this behavior. I went through much the same thing after my twin brother, David, was killed. I also went […]

When Someone Leaves

A year or so ago, I started watching the Showtime TV series, Dead Like Me. I recently got the DVD set of the series. It is about Georgia, an eighteen year-old woman, who is killed by a falling piece of the Mir Space Station, and then becomes a grim reaper. In the TV show, the […]

Fear of Death

There’s a post on a blog I read called Fear of Death. The post is about the fear of death, and of dying that was caused by her friend’s diagnosis with a particularly nasty form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The author writes: “And it was only then, maybe ten minutes before they arrived, that I finally […]

Sailing with Family

Today, I had the honor of taking my favorite aunt and one of my uncles out on the Pretty Gee. YS is generally referred to as “Auntie Ford” within my family, as she has worked at the Dearborn-based company for many years. WK, is the husband of my YS’s and my father’s late elder sister, […]

Four Crew, Sun, Fog and another Trimaran

Yesterday, I took the Pretty Gee out on Buzzards Bay again. My friend Dave, and my other friend’s son, Johnnie, and daughter, Lauren, along with a friend of theirs, Brandon, were along for the day. This was the first time that Lauren and Brandon had ever been out on a sailboat. It was also Dave’s […]

Say Hi To Brad

Patti Digh has a wonderful post on her blog about appearances, and not judging people by appearances. I’d invite my readers to go visit Patti’s blog and read the story. As a child, I learned to judge people based on their actions towards me and my friends, rather than on what others say about them […]

Beautiful Memories

Today, the tenth of July, is a very special day for me. Today, I celebrate the seventh anniversary of the day I met Gee for the very first time. For those of you who don’t know about how we met—it was through a blind date, setup by a mutual friend of our parents. Seven years […]

Playing Tourist

Blogging has been a bit light over the last week as I’ve been busy playing tourist. I had a friend in visiting, on her first ever visit to Boston. She wanted to see some of the historical things that make Boston such an important part of this country’s history. She also wanted to get a […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to my friends and family, both on-line and off. I would particularly like to mention Tammy, Eunok, my Jangmo, my mother, and my sister, Debbi.

Birthday Wishes

Today, is Nicholas’s birthday. He’s my nephew, my sister’s eldest son, and today he turns five. He’s out celebrating with his family at the moment. Sunday, we’re having a big birthday party for him. Nicholas is one of the major reasons I decided to move back to New England. I tend to spoil him rotten, […]

Precious Memories

I was reading this story over at Dear Elena. It reminded me of how truly precious some of the memories can be. For me, there are three stories, the first involves Gee, the second involves my twin, David, and the last involves my nephew Max. Gee A few months after Gee moved in with me, […]