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New England Sports Fans

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This season seems to be an unusually good one for New England sports fans. Last night, the Boston Red Sox just swept the Colorado Rockies to take the 2007 World Series. It does appear that the curse of the Bambino has finally been broken, as this is their second World Series victory in just four […]

One Score and Eight Years Ago

Today is always a day of mixed memories for me. Twenty years ago today, my identical twin brother, David, was killed by a drunken driver just outside of Nashville, Tennesee.  The drunk driver only got 90 days suspended due to the incompetence of the police department that handled the accident investigation. It took the police […]

Father’s Day—What Two Fathers Taught Me

I’d like to wish two very special people a Happy Father’s Day today. They are my father and my father-in-law, Gee’s father. These are two of the most important people in my life, and I don’t believe that I tell them this enough. My father-in-law honored my in a way that I had never expected. […]

Why Give In

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Why give in to the criminals? Why give in to the terrorists? A while back, I wrote about one of the more sane responses to terrorism—you can read that post here. Why should we help the criminals and the terrorists achieve their goals? I think the media in this country has to re-think its approach […]

Virginia Tech Shooting

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“If I knew that today would be the last time I’d see you, I would hug you tight and pray the Lord be the keeper of your soul. If I knew that this would be the last time you pass through this door, I’d embrace you, kiss you, and call you back for one more. […]

Happy Easter!

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While I’m no longer a big fan of this time of year, I would like to wish my readers, friends, and family a Happy Easter or Passover, as appropriate. One of my favorite photos of this season is this one:

Happy Birthday!

Today is my nephew Nicholas’s sixth birthday. He is very excited to be six. My sister had a massive party with tons of his friends. I avoided the party… that many five and six-year-olds are way too noisy for me. It is also the forty-something birthday of one of my best friends, Brian. He’s over […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 3—Airline Security Redux

I got up this morning at about 5:00 a.m. I had an 8:10 flight to catch back up to Beantown. After getting dressed and packed, I walked down to the hotel lobby. I asked the front desk to call a cab for me, to take me to the Newport News airport. A few minutes later, […]

Woo & Hunter’s Wedding: Part 2

This weekend, I headed down to Newport News, Virginia. Getting to Newport News was a challenge, but not all that bad, except the nine-and-a-half hour day spent in Logan International Airport. Flying down to Virginia, while tropical storm Ernesto is sitting over the state is not really my idea of fun, but I had made […]

Journalism, Photoshop, Ethics and Discrimination

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Reuters is one of the largest media companies in the world. Their well known for their news coverage in written, photographic and television media. They are also well known for their business and financial news coverage. However, recently, their credibility has come under fire—understandably so. A recent photo, that was supposedly taken by a Reuters […]

Fear of Death

There’s a post on a blog I read called Fear of Death. The post is about the fear of death, and of dying that was caused by her friend’s diagnosis with a particularly nasty form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The author writes: “And it was only then, maybe ten minutes before they arrived, that I finally […]

Cell Phone KIA

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Well, I did go out sailing on Wednesday. While the day was pretty good overall, my cell phone was killed in action. It fell out of my shirt pocket, and into the water along side the Pretty Gee, when I was tieing off one of the docklines. So, if you’re trying to reach me at […]

The Fourth of July

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I want to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Fourth of July. This will be a very brief post as I am leaving for the marina in a few minutes. I was there until about 3:00 this morning, and am going back… While the weather doesn’t look all that promising for a sail—a […]

Republican Corruption

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The Republican Party has gotten rid of Tom DeLay, in the fears that someone tainted by money laundering charges, and who embodies corruption and other ethical problems may reflect negatively on the party in the upcoming elections. There is a good article on his replacement, John Boehner, and some of his past activities over at […]

A Different Take on September 11, 2001

I saw this video because of a post on h2uh0, and wanted to share it with my blog readers. The video takes a different perspective on the events of September 11, 2001, and comes up with a strong case for a conspiracy. While, I don’t agree with some of what is in the video, and […]

Apple Sued Again

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Apparently, the powers that be are angry with Apple for succeeding where the other technology companies could not….or for that matter the music labels failed too. Thomas Slattery has been given the green light for his monopolization claim under the federal Sherman Anti-Trust act according to the articles at eHomeUpgrade and Tera Patricks’ blog. I […]

Gore and Clinton: Two Different Takes on Democracy

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The Irregular Times blog, one of my regulars, has an excellent analysis on the differences between Al Gore and Hillary Clinton’s take on democracy and the actions of the Bush Administration. You can read the whole article here. I’ve quoted the conclusion below. It is one that I strongly agree with. Whereas Al Gore’s speech […]

The Rule of Law, Al Gore and George W. Bush

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Apparently, the Democrats have realized that George W. Bush has broken the law. Al Gore denounces GWB in his speech on Martin Luther King Day. In his speech, he and Congressman Barr, a conservative Republican, both denounce the actions of George W. Bush. Barr has also stated that we are close to becoming a totalitarian society here. I have quoted Gore’s speech below.

The Next Great Chick Flick

I was reading Five O’Clock Somewhere, one of the blogs on my list that I check daily.

There was an entry titled “The Next Great Chick Flick,” and as I got to the third paragraph, I said to myself, “Hey, it’s about a guy named Dan—my name is Dan…”

More Corporate Data Breaches

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These companies really need to be brought to task about their careless handling of important customer data. The financial institutions which allow identity theft to occur should also be brought to task, and be held responsible for any losses they authorize.

MacWorld San Francisco

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MacWorld San Francisco is underway, and Apple has not disappointed the Mac faithful.

On schedule with their switch to the Intel-based Macs, they announced two new Intel-based Macs today. The first is the iMac… not surprising, as it was in need of an upgrade.

The other, more important announcement was the MacBook Pro, which is the Intel-based PowerBook replacement. This was the announcement I was expecting, as the PowerBook line has had little to really distinguish it from the current iBook line, and is the line of hardware in most need of an upgrade.

Happy Holidays 2005

The holidays are here again. I wanted to wish my readers a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. This year has been a year of changes.

Birthdays Gone By

Happy birthday Dave.

Sailing on Boston Harbor

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This week, I took the week off to take a sailing course at the Boston Sailing Center. I’ve decided to take this course as I’m planning on getting a boat next spring. Although I’ve sailed quite a bit in my life, I’ve never had any formal instruction in sailing, and thought that taking a macro cruising course might be the best way to get the formal education that I think I will need for the type of sailing I look forward to doing.

Death and Life

The last two weeks have been very busy. Two weeks ago, I sold my house and moved back to New England. My uncle passed away on the day I sold my house in Virginia. This past Saturday, my friend Dave and I spent the day unloading a PODs storage container, which had been dropped off […]

The Speed of Light

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Today has been a good day. It’s nice to have a really good thing to write about today. Verizon came by and hooked up the FiOS service today. Fiber optic internet service. I’m very happy with it. It is blazingly fast, especially compared to the Comcast service I was on previously. I have to say […]

And the heavens wept…

The weather the past few days has been pretty strange. It has been unseasonably cool for Virginia in August, and much rainier than is usually the case. We’ve got green grass here in Virginia. Normally, by this time of year, the grass is dead and brown without some serious lawn watering. Earlier in the week, […]

Telstar 28 Revisited

Once again I was in Annapolis, over at Performance Cruising. I had a few questions about the Telstar 28, and wanted to discuss them with Tony Smith. Tony and I talked for the better part of an hour and I was able to get a lot of my questions answered. I’ve changed my previous blog entry to reflect some of our discussion results.

Sailing a Telstar 28

This morning, I went over to Annapolis to take a look at a sailboat. The Telstar 28 is a trailerable trimaran that is made in Annapolis by Performance Cruising. It was designed by Tony Smith, and its design takes elements from both his Gemini catamaran and his older Telstar trimaran.

Moving On—Part IV

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Well, I’m in Virginia again for a bit. I got down here on Saturday…what a drive…New York traffic was really bad, with over an hour-long delay on the GW bridge. On Sunday, I met with my realtor, and I signed a contract for the sale of our home…I’m still not 100% about selling the place […]