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Remembering 2001

This was posted by my friend Pam as her status on Facebook today. “On this day we are reminded of how fragile life is. Cherish and love your family and friends. Tell them you love and appreciate them every single day. You never can know if you will ever see them again.” Eleven years ago […]

TTSGI 2012 Annual Conference

(this post is a work in progress and will be finished shortly) Wednesday, July 11, 2012, I flew out to Columbus to attend the 2012 Annual Conference for Twinless Twins Support Group International. Since I had promised to bring cheesecakes to Crystal, I decided to fly out a day early and stay with my cousin […]

Summer Heat Safety Guide

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Because of the current summer heat wave, I wanted to post some information on Summer Heat Safety… taken from the NY Red Cross website. I’d add that you really need to stay well hydrated…by the time you become thirsty, you’re already well on your way to being dehydrated, so drink water, and lots of it. […]

Proof the US Legal System is Broken

If you need any proof that the US legal system is broken, this story is pretty much all you need to read. Currently, an asshat that is also an attorney has filed suit against one of my favorite online cartoon websites–The Oatmeal, the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society, as well as the […]

Remembering Gee

Eleven years ago today I said goodbye to my beautiful and gracious wife Gee. She had finally lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed with stage three metastatic pancreatic cancer six months after we got engaged. The day after she was diagnosed, her father came to me and asked if I wanted to […]

First Sail 2012

Today, Sunday, May 20, 2012, was the first sail of the 2012 season for s/v Pretty Gee. I was excited to have an old friend along for the sail. I hadn’t seen my friend Adrienne since 1997, when I moved to Virginia and she headed off to Belgium for a nine-year stint in the EU. […]

2012 Sailing Season Starts

Today is the official start of the 2012 sailing season for me and s/v Pretty Gee. I launched s/v Pretty Gee with the help of Dale and Merry. When I got down to the boat this morning, I loaded the mainsail, the bimini, some PFDs, the flares I bought yesterday, and a couple other boxes […]

Delivery: S/V Hilarity

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Sunday, I helped Dale and his sister-in-law Merry move S/V Hilarity from Fairhaven to Bourne. Dale bought S/V Hilarity at the end of last season and needed to move her from my marina, where she wintered, over to his mooring in Bourne, about 15 nm as the crow flies (shown on the image by the […]

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday. In the Christian faith, it is a day of celebration, for Jesus Christ was resurrected from death on this day. The season of Lent is one of prayer, penance, death and resurrection. It is a season of hope, renewal and faith. Even though Easter holds some sad memories for me, I […]

Happy Birthday To Three of My Favorite People

Today is a very special day, since three of the people I care about most were born today. I want to wish my nephew Nick, my adopted big brother Brian and most of all, Ellie–the woman I love most of all–a very happy birthday. I hope that today finds brings them health, happiness and a […]

Her Laughter

I don’t really know if she is still out there reading what I write. If she is, and I hope that some part of the amazing woman I love still survives and is reading what I write and cares about what I say, I want her to know that one of the things I miss […]

Mega Millions History

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Today’s Mega Millions jackpot is at a record-breaking $640,000,000 as I write this. I have to wonder how many of my readers bought a ticket for tonight’s drawing, and if they did, what would they do if they won? I bought a couple tickets, but not because I want the money for myself, but because […]

The Million Hoodie March

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It is a sad thing that the Million Hoodie March is necessary. The march is a protest to raise awareness of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old black latino youth. He was killed by an older white man, George Zimmerman, who was captain of the local neighborhood watch. The basic facts of the […]

What We Can Handle

I was hoping that this year was going to be better than last year. If it is going to turn out that way, I’m having a really tough time seeing it right now. I know that God never gives us more than we can handle…and right now, I’m dealing with everything on my plate, but […]

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is the first day of Lent. For Lent I have given up cookies. This is this is the first time I have given anything up for Lent. I was not raised in a religion that required giving up anything for Lent. In fact, the religious make up of my family […]

Fiddler’s Green Calling

Damn… two good ones sailed off for Fiddler’s Green. My friends Paul and John, both passed away yesterday. I knew the two of them through the sailing forums. Even though Paul switched to powerboats after he got an LVAD implanted, he was always a sailor at heart. I guess his heart finally gave out on […]

Etta James, RIP

Etta James, probably best known for her song At Last, just passed away. It’s sad to hear for me because Etta and At Last were what Gee and I picked for our wedding 12 years ago. We didn’t even have to discuss it…it was the first choice for both of us. Even today, over […]


We make choices every day. Some we are conscious of, others we are not. Some of these choices can affect others, not just ourselves, and not always in good ways. I recently found out that Ellie had been in a car accident. From what I have heard, it wasn’t a serious car accident. And as […]

Happy New Year’s Eve 2011

Happy New Year’s Eve to all my friends and family. This is the last day of the year and I, for one, am very happy to see 2011 end. I hope the New Year brings all of you success, health and happiness. I hope that 2012 will be a better year for many of us. […]

A Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays, present a difficult situation for many recovering alcoholics, since the parties of the season often involve alcoholic beverages, and one may not want it known that they are a recovering alcoholic. The Crying out Now blog provides a pretty good list of tips for those trying to maintain their sobriety during this time of […]

Thanksgiving 2011

Wishing all my family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. May this holiday find all of you happy, healthy and safe. I ask that my beloved weather goddess watch over all of you during your travels this week. May you all have safe journeys to warm hearths and berths this week. Even though this has […]

Happy Birthday…

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my father and Bea, Ellie’s little sister. They were both born on this day, though many years apart. I would like to wish them both many more birthdays to come, as well as hope that they both have a fantastic day and a good year […]

Missing Ellie

I’m lying on the foredeck of my friend’s sailboat, thinking about and missing Ellie. When she was younger, she used to love sleeping on the foredeck of S/V Pretty Gee. She also used to curl up under the dodger, above the S/V Pretty Gee’s companionway.  Right now, she appears to be missing in action and […]

Life With Gee—Act Three

I have been working on a book about what Gee and I went through in the short 23 months and one day we were together. However, I haven’t really been able to write the book and couldn’t understand why until this week. This week I finally realized what had been keeping me from really working on the book. The problem was I did not know the how the book would end. This week, I think I finally figured it out—but the ending has yet to be written.

Miniature Peanut Butter Cups

The other day I was in West Marine, picking up some supplies for s/v Pretty Gee.  There was a bucket of assorted candies at the register, so I dug through it to find the miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The cashier commented that those seemed to the be most popular candy they had in the […]

Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish all my readers, my friends and my family a very Happy New Year.  I hope that 2010 brings good fortune, fair winds and following seas to all my friends, both personally and professionally. I particularly want to wish Jen and Adam Thomson a happy new year, since it is their […]

To all those who have served….

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To honor all those who served our country, I’d like to repost this.  It was posted on a sailing forum I participate in. ******************************************* It was the Veteran who inspired these stories: JFK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO. DeGaulle said […]

Election Day 2008

Happy Anniversary Gee… I miss you still. Today is Election Day 2008, and would have been our eighth anniversary. Almost eight years ago, Gee and I walked to the local elementary school and cast our votes in the 2000 election. This morning, I did much the same thing, but at a different elementary school. It […]

Courtney Clevenger

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Today, I’m writing about Courtney, the young daughter of an online friend of mine. She passed away earlier this week, due to complications from her cancer. She was one of the youngest women to be diagnosed with breast cancer , as she was only twenty or so when she was diagnosed. Today is her memorial […]

Death of A Dream

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Heather Neill announced her plans to circumnavigate the globe in s/v Flight of Years, a Pacific Seacraft Flicka last year. This was a rather unusual announcement, given that Heather was not a sailor, and had relatively little experience sailing at the time of her announcement. You can read about her and her preparations at her […]