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Two Days Sober—A Crying Out Now Post

Here’s another post from the Crying Out Now blog. I don’t drink. Reading people’s stories on forums yesterday made me think that perhaps my drinking habits are not that bad. The stories didn’t shock me – although they did make me sad – but they did give me a moment’s pause: I don’t physically or […]

To Fight For Her

Twelve years ago today, I was asked if I wanted to cancel my engagement to Gee by her father. Gee had been just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer–and though we did not yet know it, it had already metastasized through her lymphatic system. I looked at my future father-in-law and said, “Gee’s illness doesn’t change how […]

Brutal Truths

There’s another really amazing post on the Crying Out Now blog. The article talks about how hitting rock bottom for an alcoholic doesn\’t necessarily have to resemble a scene from the A&E TV series Intervention. Here are some brutal truths from a woman now eight months sober: If you’re still drinking, here’s what I want […]

Visions of Her Future

On the Crying Out Now blog, there is a post that I fear will repeat itself with someone I love. The post starts with the following words: “Like most people, I’m not really sure where or why my life started to fall apart and alcohol started to take over my life. What I do know […]

A Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays, present a difficult situation for many recovering alcoholics, since the parties of the season often involve alcoholic beverages, and one may not want it known that they are a recovering alcoholic. The Crying out Now blog provides a pretty good list of tips for those trying to maintain their sobriety during this time of […]

Crying Out Now

It is strange what you can find on Google. I found this article by doing a search on a whim for “recovery”, “love”, “addiction” and “Ellie”. I wish Ellie would read this article. While I don’t believe her father has ever beaten her mother, he is very emotionally abusive towards Ellie’s mother. I guess that […]