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2008 Boat Projects Update

Here’s a quick update on most of the 2008 boat projects. Main Hull and Cockpit The ama retraction lines and Spinlock PX Powercleats have been installed port and starboard. I’ve actually tested the system on the port side at least, and it works as planned. The new cockpit locker still needs a partition made for […]

Wyatt’s Dehler 33

Today, I went over to Wickford Harbor, in Rhode Island. I went to see if I could help Wyatt out with some issues he’s having on his Dehler 33. He seems to be having some problems with the VHF radio, which is original to the boat from 1997. I brought my SWR meter, a multi-meter […]

New Lazy Jacks and Main Sail Furling Setup

One of my goals, as part of leading the halyards aft project, was setting up a new lazy jack system on the Pretty Gee. The original system only had two legs and really didn’t do a very good job of controlling and containing the main sail. This past week, I finished setting up the new […]

Boat Upgrades

Recently a friend asked me what work I’ve done on my boat. Here’s a list of the various upgrade projects that I’ve either done or am in the process of doing on the boat over the last two years. The ones with the asterisks are works currently in progress. Main Hull and Bottom Installed Jacklines […]

TackTick Display Installation and New Genoa Car Setup

Today was a good day.  As I was hoping, we got the boat launched today.  Here’s a spring boat projects quick update. As part of the spring refitting, I finished up the mounting of the TackTick displays that I installed last year. Last year I upgraded my boat’s instruments to TackTick instruments after having some […]

2008 Boat Project Update

Here’s a quick update on the various boat projects going on at the moment. The new line-controlled genoa cars have been installed. The new block and tackle for the outboard motor lift, that has an integrated cam cleat, has been installed. I’m upgrading the blocks for the backstay adjustment, and will be using a Garhauer […]

Spring Projects—New Hardware

Woohoo!!! I just got a package in from Garhauer Marine. If you don’t know what Garhauer Marine is, you’re missing out on one of the best vendors for blocks and such on a boat. They’re a family-owned company in California that sells both direct to the public, and to manufacturers. Catalina and several other boat […]

Hauling Out

This Tuesday, I will be hauling the Pretty Gee for the season. I always dread this annual task, since it means that the sailing season is at an end. The long cold dark of winter will be settling in soon. I have some more projects for this winter. New Instruments The first one is finishing […]

Barrier Coat and Bottom Paint

Well, after all the time the barrier coat and new bottom paint took, I thought I’d post a few photos of the Pretty Gee with her new paint job. The bottom paint will turn a verdigris green from what I’ve been told, but is still copper colored at the moment. As part of the new […]


Well, Thursday was a good day. Thursday morning, I finished applying a royal blue bootstripe to the Pretty Gee and that afternoon, Arion and I put her back in the water. She is back in her slip and awaiting a chance to do some more sailing. Saturday, Dave and I finished rigging the boat, raised […]

Bridgedeck Update

I finally had a chance to finish painting the bridge deck and put the non-skid paint on it. After sailng and working on the boat over the last two months, I’ve ben very pleased with how well the new bridgedeck has worked out. The locker is easily accessed from the cockpit, as well as the […]

Boat Projects Update

Unfortunately, the painting of the bridgedeck keeps getting interrupted by thunderstorms… really good thunderstorms… so I’ve been working on other projects. I hope that next week will have a few dry days in a row that I can get to the boat during to finish the painting. The projects I’ve managed to get a start […]

Soda Blasting, Bottom Painting, and Marinas

We finally got the Pretty Gee de-trailered on Friday, in preparation for the soda blasting and bottom painting. This was a bit more complicated than I had hoped. We placed the two beams under the boat, and soon it was clear that the two beams that Arion had made up to do the de-trailering weren’t […]

Trailer Modifications, Boat Maintenance and Hauling Out

On Saturday, I did some modifications to the Pretty Gee’s trailer. I moved the wheels back about four-and-a-half inches, in the hopes that it would help balance the trailer out better. I moved the winch post back about seven inches as well. This should allow me to extend the amas while the boat is on […]

Bridge Deck Update

Well, even though I’m not quite done with the bridge deck project, I thought I’d report on how it is going. The glassing of the exterior is complete, and I’ve started on painting the exterior of it. I got to test the bridge deck in action, on a day sail yesterday, with Mike and Mylien. […]

First Sail of The 2007 Season

Yesterday, I had the marina launch the Pretty Gee. I have some work to do on the trailer, and putting the boat in the water was the simplest way to get it out of the way so I can try and get the trailer balanced. I did have another motive for putting her in the […]

Cockpit Stereo Installation

Here is a photo of the finished cockpit stereo speaker installation. The speakers aren’t behind deckplates as I originally planned. However, the space they are installed in does not let water into the boat’s bilge as it drains into the rudder quadrant locker. This space doesn’t really present any danger of flooding the boat if […]

Bridgedeck Installation

One of the projects I’ve decided to do this year is creating a bridge deck on the Pretty Gee. A bridge deck is a raised section in the front of the sailboat’s cockpit that is designed to prevent a pooping wave from entering through the companionway. Currently, there is no bridge deck on the Telstar. […]

Boat Work Update

The Bridgedeck Well, it’s been a few weeks since I started my spring projects on the Pretty Gee. I’ve decided to make it a permanent installation, instead of a removable locker. I’ve gotten some 3/8″ plywood and will be roughing out the shape of the locker with it. The plywood will be the core of […]

Ground Tackle Installation

I’ve finally gotten around to installing the ground tackle upgrade for the Pretty Gee. I removed the original foredeck cleat and the starboard side bow chock. Eventually, I’ll have to get around to removing the port-side chock but can’t get my fingers past the bowsprit to do it yet. Here’s a photo of the new […]