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A Basic Sailboat Owner’s Library

I have noticed a lot of new sailboat owners seem to need an idea of what they need to know about being sailboat owners. Here is a good basic library for new sailboat owners. Books on Maintenance and Repair These books will be invaluable in keeping the boat afloat and in good shape. This Old […]

S/V Alina Marie

My friends Ralph and Alina brought their Tylercraft 26 to my marina on their way from the southern side of Long Island, where they bought the boat two years ago, back to Maine, where they live. That was two seasons ago. Earlier this season, Ralph and Alina got married. They have been working on recommissioning […]

First Time Visitors

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking my fellow twinless twins Anna Tse and Honey Langley out on s/v Pretty Gee. They hadn’t been sailing before so this was a new experience for them. I also had my friends Ken and Dottie Willits and Dave Cowles along for the ride. We started out […]

Boating Safety

With the upcoming holiday, I would ask that people who are going to be out on the water take extra care. The major holidays are often times where serious accidents, which could be mostly avoidable with a little care and foresight, happen. I would highly recommend that everyone who spends time on the water boating, […]

Ground Tackle—Emergency Gear

Just curious, how many of my readers consider a good anchor an important piece of emergency safety gear? There was a recent story about two boaters who were rescued after their boat ran out of fuel and was forced by seas and wind on to the rocky shore. Now, it seems to me that if […]

The Mobile Boatyard Goes To Bourne

This past weekend, I took the mobile boatyard, otherwise known as s/v Pretty Gee, on a short trip to Bourne. Dale and I had planned on getting some work done on s/v Hilarity. Instead of dealing with the atrocious Memorial Day weekend holiday Cape Cod tourist traffic backups and delays and spend several hours each […]

2012 Sailing Season Starts

Today is the official start of the 2012 sailing season for me and s/v Pretty Gee. I launched s/v Pretty Gee with the help of Dale and Merry. When I got down to the boat this morning, I loaded the mainsail, the bimini, some PFDs, the flares I bought yesterday, and a couple other boxes […]

Distress Signals

One of the most important pieces of safety gear are distress signals. There are many kinds of distress signals, but they fall into three categories as a general rule. Visual Distress Signals: These include flares, smoke, flags, mirrors, waving your arms, strobe lights, etc. They are designed to attract attention to you or your boat […]

Three French Guys…

Lately, I’ve been helping my friend Glenn out.  He sold his Jeanneau Sun Leisure 34 to three French guys, who are planning to sail it back to France in about a week.  He asked me to keep an eye out for the three French guys that had bought the boat. I decided that helping them […]

Bad Boat Equipment Installations

I was working on a boat recently, and I found that someone had installed the anchor windlass control relay inside the anchor locker.  Now, I really have to wonder why anyone would do something this stupid.  It leaves the anchor windlass system completely vulnerable to corrosion, and the chances that the relay will fail is […]

USCG Documentation versus State Registration

One common question for people buying a boat is whether they should USCG document the boat or state register it.  Now, in some states, you don’t have to do anything further if you USCG document the boat. Massachusetts is such a state. From the Massachusetts state website: Boats exempt from registration requirements include those that […]