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Some Places

( Sailing andTravel )

Here’s a map of some of the places I’ve been and some of the places I want to go. Most of the places I’ve been are in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. The United States is a huge country to explore. Create your own travel map.

Remembering 2001

This was posted by my friend Pam as her status on Facebook today. “On this day we are reminded of how fragile life is. Cherish and love your family and friends. Tell them you love and appreciate them every single day. You never can know if you will ever see them again.” Eleven years ago […]

S/V Alina Marie

My friends Ralph and Alina brought their Tylercraft 26 to my marina on their way from the southern side of Long Island, where they bought the boat two years ago, back to Maine, where they live. That was two seasons ago. Earlier this season, Ralph and Alina got married. They have been working on recommissioning […]