Proof the US Legal System is Broken

Posted on Monday 18 June 2012

If you need any proof that the US legal system is broken, this story is pretty much all you need to read. Currently, an asshat that is also an attorney has filed suit against one of my favorite online cartoon websites–The Oatmeal, the National Wildlife Foundation and the American Cancer Society, as well as the internet hosting company, IndieGoGo, that helped The Oatmeal set up a fund raising site for the two charities.

I won’t go into detail, since Lowering the Bar has done such a nice job of elaborating on it.

I think this is pretty much all the proof you need that frivolous lawsuits and the US legal system is basically broken. Perjury, stupidity, and a widespread lack of common sense seem to be the rule of the day. From my own personal experiences with the legal system recently, I think that there is absolutely no real interest in justice, honesty, the truth or what is best for the common good.

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