Remembering Gee

Posted on Monday 11 June 2012

Eleven years ago today I said goodbye to my beautiful and gracious wife Gee. She had finally lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed with stage three metastatic pancreatic cancer six months after we got engaged.

The day after she was diagnosed, her father came to me and asked if I wanted to cancel our engagement. I told my future father-in-law, “Gee’s illness doesn’t change how I feel about her, what she has come to mean to me or who she is—and why— in God’s name—would I abandon the woman I love, when she needs me most.” I also told him, “Besides, when I met you, you trusted me with taking care of your daughter on our trip to Seattle—ever since I met her, she has always been my first priority.”

Gee and I met on a blind date almost 13 years ago, and even though we were together only 23 months and one day, the impact she had on my life can not be measured.

I don’t know how she has done it, but she has managed to keep the promise she made to me the day we got engaged. She watches over as my personal weather goddess and has since she died.

She is one of the three people I miss everyday. My identical twin, David, is another. The last is the person I believe Gee asked me to find after she died—Ellie—who has become a victim of her own illness—addiction.

I ask that God and Gee both watch over Ellie for me. I hope that they can help Ellie find her way back to being her true self, so I can keep my final promise to Gee.

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