Winter Projects 2012

Posted on Monday 6 February 2012

This week I’ll be starting the winter projects on s/v Pretty Gee. The two big projects are the new cabin sole lockers on the starboard side of the cabin and the new cabin overhead.

Cabin Sole Locker

The centerboard trunk on s/v Pretty Gee is offset slightly to the port side. As designed by the factory, along the port side of the centerboard trunk is the fresh water tank. It raises the sole about a foot compared to the starboard side of the cabin sole. My plan is to glass in the area alongside the starboard side of the centerboard trunk to match. This area really doesn’t require full standing headroom, especially since this same area is where the cabin table is normally located.

The cabin would still have six feet of standing headroom forward of the centerboard trunk/mast support post and aft of the centerboard trunk by the galley and nav console. This should allow enough room to change in and out of foul weather gear, as well as allow standing room when cooking in the galley.

Raising the cabin sole on the starboard side of the cabin alongside the centerboard trunk will give me nearly five more cubic feet of stowage in the cabin—centrally located down low. By storing heavy items, like tools and equipment, in the new locker will help keep the boat trim and balanced.

I plan to break the space up into three lockers, one of which will have the existing access into the bilge in it. The three lockers will be watertight, and will effectively convert the internal hull liner and aft-most locker into a crash bulkhead of sorts. If the main hull is holed, but the interior pan liner is not, the aft-most locker and hull liner pan will prevent water from filling the cabin—limiting it to the bilge and the third locker itself.

In normal use, the lockers should keep the contents dry and prevent them from moving in the case of a capsize.

While I am doing this, I will also be adding a partition across the entrance to the head compartment. This will convert the sole of the head into a suitable shower sump and allow me to setup a shower aboard s/v Pretty Gee in the head compartment. The drain for the shower is already plumbed, as I had requested the factory do this when the boat was built.

I will also be glassing in a protective housing for the knotmeter transducer, which is currently not protected from impact and installed through the cabin sole forward of the mast support post and water tank on the port side of the cabin, aft of the head compartment.

New Cabin Overhead

When I installed the new hardware to lead the halyards and other control lines aft to the cockpit, I had to cut away much of the vinyl cabin overhead liner. Instead of replacing it with the same material, I plan on glassing some furring strips to the cabin overhead. The furring strips will allow me to attach 1/8″ plywood panels to the cabin overhead. The plywood will be epoxy coated and then painted white and attached to t-nuts embedded in the furring strips by socket head screws.

In the space between the furring strips will be 3/8″ foam insulation and conduits for wiring. Along with large panels covering most of the cabin overhead, there will be smaller panels that will allow access to the deck hardware, which would be much more difficult to do with the vinyl type overhead. This will improve access to deck hardware for maintenance and repairs, increase the comfort of the cabin by adding insulation and make running wiring much simpler. There will also be several panels which cabin lighting will be mounted to.

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