Etta James, RIP

Posted on Friday 20 January 2012

Etta James, probably best known for her song At Last, just passed away. It’s sad to hear for me because Etta and At Last were what Gee and I picked for our wedding 12 years ago. We didn’t even have to discuss it…it was the first choice for both of us.

Even today, over a decade later, I still get the occasional compliment on what a perfect wedding we had—how storybook perfect it was—even though there was a lot of chaos behind the scenes, like losing track of the wedding license in the confusion and running around of the very busy day. I was so proud of Gee because she was so strong and beautiful that day. Her gown was almost 40 lbs. of matte satin silk and freshwater pearls, but she carried it off. Most guests didn’t even realize that she had just recovered from her first round of chemotherapy earlier that fall. It was the happiest day of my life so far.

Gee and Dan dancing at their wedding reception, November 2000

Gee and Dan dancing at their wedding reception, November 2000

My real thanks go to my sister-in-law, Michelle, who had been living with us since that August. She was one of the real reasons I was able to keep my promise to Gee and why Gee was so healthy and strong that day.

I miss Gee everyday, but I know that my weather goddess is watching over me. I see her hand in the weather and hear her laughter and voice in the wind; feel her tears in the rain; and see her beautiful smile in the sunshine. She is one of my two guardian angels, and I know she is watching over Ellie as well, for no other reason than I love Ellie too.

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