Happy Anniversary

Posted on Friday 4 November 2011

Happy Anniversary Gee.

I wish you were still here. It is hard to believe that you’ve been gone for over ten years now…and that it has been 11 years since I was lucky enough to marry you. It is even harder to realize that you’ve been gone for more than five times as long as we were together. I miss you every day.

I was truly blessed for the time we had together and for all that you have taught me about being a better person, a more gracious person and a more forgiving person. I was very fortunate to have you in my life, even for as brief a time as I did.

Asking you to marry me was one of the best decisions in my life. I don’t regret a single moment with you, but just wish we had been given more time together.

This day, 11 years ago, was the most amazing day in my life. The joy and happiness we had together, even in spite of your illness was immeasurable and unmatched by most couples. You looked amazing that day, and I was so happy I was able to keep my promise to you about your weight and your wedding gown.

Gee and Dan dancing at their wedding, 4 Nov 2000.

Gee and Dan dancing at their wedding, 4 Nov 2000.

As Woo said in her first e-mail to me, “Yet we get to know her, love her and be loved by her, how privileged are we?” It is still the best description of what you were like that I have ever known.

Thank you for being my weather goddess, for the amazing weather that we had this October and for watching over me, my friends/family and your namesake, s/v Pretty Gee. I don’t know how you did it, but somehow you’ve managed to keep the promise that you made to me on the day we got engaged, and I can feel your presence in my life everyday.

I am pretty sure that I’ve found the woman you asked me to seek out ten years ago. One reason I am so sure that Ellie is the one you asked me to look for is that when I told her how I felt and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, her first thoughts were of you. She also told me she wished she had had a chance to meet you and regrets not having done so.

I know you would like her and approve of her. She’s smart, she’s stubborn, she’s funny, and she is beautiful. She makes me smile and laugh like only you could previously. Like you, she’s one of the few people in my life that can keep up with me and keeps me on my toes mentally. Unfortunately, she has an illness and doesn’t even realize it.

Ellie and Dan at her birthday dinner at Fire and Ice in 2010

Ellie and Dan at her birthday dinner at Fire and Ice in 2010

If you could help her see that she needs help, and help her return to being herself, rather than what her addictions are making her, I could keep my final promise to you–that I re-marry after finding someone I love enough and who loves me. In any case, watch over her and protect her from herself and her illness if you can.

Be well my love, and watch over me as you have done for the past decade. I love you always and know that mere death is no barrier to a love as strong and true as ours.

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