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Happy Halloween

I hope all my family and friends, especially my little one, had a safe and Happy Halloween. I hope you got the treats you deserve and not too many tricks. Unfortunately, I think my beautiful Irish lass skipped her classes today, because she posted about tricking her professors and treating herself by skipping her classes. […]

My Tiny Dancer

This is dedicated to Ellie, my beloved tiny dancer. I hope she eventually remembers who she really is and that I love her very much. I hope she can remember the truth of what we have been to each other–the years we have cared for each other, been friends, and loved each other. Part of […]

Love and Commitment

Someone I am good friends with asked me why I dread hauling s/v Pretty Gee this year. It has to do with the events this past summer and Lauren Elizabeth Kelley. Lauren Elizabeth Kelley, as I have said previously, is my querencia and mo chuisle mo chroi. Respectively, they translate as “home of my heart” […]

Facebook Posts and Alcohol Abuse

There was an interesting article based on a research study about Facebook posts. Apparently, there is a fairly good correlation between people who post photos or write posts about being drunk or doing dangerous activities while drunk and warning signs that they may have problems with alcohol abuse. The article was based on a research […]

Her Inner Demons

Earlier today, my beloved little one tweeted this: “Work is going so slowly.. and my uniform feels loose. No interest in anything but cuddling and feeling secure tonight #lovemeloveme” I find this very tragic and feel very sorry for her. She is one of the most intelligent, beautiful, funny, sexy and amazing women I have […]