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Posted on Wednesday 29 June 2011

Much of what I have written here on Adrift At Sea is sailing-related, though the blog was not originally started for that purpose, despite the nautically themed name.  I have written a fair number of technical articles related to the systems on sailboats.  While writing these, I’ve tried to keep the writing accessible for novices, yet keep the content advanced enough so that even veteran boat owners can gain something of value from reading them.  I’ve been fortunate to get some very positive feedback on some of those articles.

A large part  of the other writing I’ve done on this blog, which will eventually make its way into a book I have been working on, is much harder to write, and regards My Life With Gee, a period of time which started in 1999 and continues to this day.  Recent events have led me to a breakthrough on the writer’s block of sorts I had related to the book . In many ways, this is the far more difficult writing to do because of the emotional and personal investment I have it, which the technical, sailing-related writing lacks.

It can be difficult to switch gears from writing in one mode to the other.  I find that the mindset for one type of writing is completely different from the other. Writing both types of posts are pretty important to me, since both are passions of mine. I hope that all the readers of my blog enjoy reading my writings here, regardless of subject matter.

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