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I am really disgusted by how little the wedding vows mean to so many people today. Apparently, the idea of making and keeping a commitment to someone when you say your vows is an unusual concept. Just look at Woods, Weiner, Schwarznegger, Edwards, and so many others. The list goes on and on. What part […]

On Writing

Much of what I have written here on Adrift At Sea is sailing-related, though the blog was not originally started for that purpose, despite the nautically themed name.  I have written a fair number of technical articles related to the systems on sailboats.  While writing these, I’ve tried to keep the writing accessible for novices, […]

Conversations and Discoveries

Over the past few days, I’ve realized a few things about Ellie that I had not thought of before talking with several friends of mine. The conversations I’ve had with them about Ellie and what she has come to mean to me have been very enlightening—bringing up insights that probably would have taken me months […]

Life With Gee—Act Three

I have been working on a book about what Gee and I went through in the short 23 months and one day we were together. However, I haven’t really been able to write the book and couldn’t understand why until this week. This week I finally realized what had been keeping me from really working on the book. The problem was I did not know the how the book would end. This week, I think I finally figured it out—but the ending has yet to be written.

Miniature Peanut Butter Cups

The other day I was in West Marine, picking up some supplies for s/v Pretty Gee.  There was a bucket of assorted candies at the register, so I dug through it to find the miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The cashier commented that those seemed to the be most popular candy they had in the […]