Crossing the Line

Posted on Saturday 22 January 2011

Recently, I encountered something that is quite upsetting.  One of my neighbors has been very aggressively requesting donations for the American Cancer Society.  While I am a huge fan of the American Cancer Society and all the good work they do, I think that the behavior of Carolyn Burke is way over the line.  She has repeatedly cornered both of my elderly parents and demanded that they donate to the ACS.  She apparently thinks of them as wealthy and as a result thinks that they should be required to donate to the American Cancer Society.

While I am a big believer in the American Cancer Society, I don’t believe that anyone has the right to harass people for donations to that worthy organization.  Repeatedly, my parents have told her that if they wanted to donate they would do so directly.  This apparently isn’t good enough for Mrs. Burke.

Another strange thing is that Carolyn Burke has been leaving envelopes with donation requests in my parents mailbox, and on their door. The response envelope for the donation is addressed to Carolyn, not the American Cancer Society.  This strikes me as a bit odd.  Why would Carolyn want the donation checks mailed to her instead of directly to the ACS?

I have written the American Cancer Society and asked them to have their regional coordinator contact Carolyn and ask her to cease and desist in her obnoxious behavior.  Having someone like Mrs. Carolyn Burke representing them does the American Cancer Society little good.

I would point out that my family has had its share of losses to cancer, most notably, my late wife Gee, who died of pancreatic cancer back in 2001, and that a cure for cancer is something that we would love to help find.

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