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Foul Weather and Clothing

Recently, on a sailing forum, a post came up about buying foul weather gear.  That brought up the subject of dressing for foul weather conditions and lead to this post. First, dressing appropriately for sailing requires a fairly wide wardrobe, especially if you are making a passage from a tropical climate to a temperate climate […]

Crossing the Line

Recently, I encountered something that is quite upsetting.  One of my neighbors has been very aggressively requesting donations for the American Cancer Society.  While I am a huge fan of the American Cancer Society and all the good work they do, I think that the behavior of Carolyn Burke is way over the line.  She […]

USCG Documentation versus State Registration

One common question for people buying a boat is whether they should USCG document the boat or state register it.  Now, in some states, you don’t have to do anything further if you USCG document the boat. Massachusetts is such a state. From the Massachusetts state website: Boats exempt from registration requirements include those that […]