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What to do if your boat starts sinking?

On a recent sailing forum post, the OP asked what to do if your boat starts to sink? That’s a very good question. Initial steps to take include: Getting everyone awake and into PFDs or survival suits Getting the engine started, especially if it is a diesel, since diesels will run even if the electrical […]

The Long Cold Dark of Winter

I dread this time of year. This Saturday, I will be hauling s/v Pretty Gee out of the water for the season. That means no more sailing on her until sometime next spring. There will still be work to do—winterizing her for the long cold dark of winter—doing the various maintenance projects that have to […]

Seamanship and the Small Craft Sailor

On the sailing forum, there was a thread on the apparent prejudice that seems to exist against smaller sailboats, which seems to show up in some marinas. Over the last two decades, there seems to have been trend towards larger boats for the cruising market. Now, I can understand why the boat manufacturers have […]