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Sailing and the Simple Life

( Sailing )

Teresa is a fellow sailor.  She and her Norsea 27, s/v Daphne are headed south, with the eventual destination of the Virgin Islands.  She’s been in the press a before, like this A Landlubber’s Guide to Sailing in the Martha Vineyard Times, but this article in The Leader and Kalaskian is about her and her […]

To all those who have served….

( Events )

To honor all those who served our country, I’d like to repost this.  It was posted on a sailing forum I participate in. ******************************************* It was the Veteran who inspired these stories: JFK’S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO. DeGaulle said […]

An s/v Felix update

s/v Felix has made it to Norfolk, which is their first major stopover point on their winter cruise south.  I understand that John, Lorie and Chris will be staying in Norfolk for a few weeks, outfitting the boat and getting her ready for the next leg of their trip south. They’re actually only a few […]

Things are broken

( Rants )

I recently wrote a post on E. Coli outbreaks. One thing I did not mention in that story is how the federal government, in the form of the Food and Drug Administration, really isn’t suited to dealing with businesses other than large scale agricorps. For instance, there is a regulation requiring that all meat processing […]

The Real Cause of E. Coli outbreaks

( News andThoughts )

Again, E. Coli is in the news. There was an article in the New York Times about the most recent E. Coli outbreak, which has been traced back to ground beef from Fairbank Farms. When I was growing up, there weren’t E. Coli outbreaks of the lethal nature found today. Certainly, the food-processing procedures and […]