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Sailing and Surprises

( Sailing )

This post is dedicated to my friend, Margee, who was stuck at work on the day we were sailing. I promised her this post and wrote it so she could sail vicariously through me. I’d like all my readers to wish her congratulations as she recently graduated from veterinary school and is now a Doggy […]

Three Days and Three Sailboats

Well, this past weekend, had me working on three different boats on three different days. Three days and three different boats—Saturday: an O’Day Javelin; Sunday: an O’Day 302; Monday: a Gemini 105Mc Catamaran. It started out on Saturday, when I was helping my friend’s son and a friend with the O’Day Javelin that they bought […]

The Long Way to the Mooring

( Sailing )

Yesterday, Johnnie Jr. and I went down to the marina to setup the mooring I’m using for the Pretty Gee this season. We got out the inflatable dinghy and rowed out to the mooring and attached the mooring pennant. I’m using a fairly heavy mooring pennant, 3/4″ x 15′. It’s attached to the boat via […]