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Controlling Lines—Cleats, Clutches, and Jammers

There was a sailor asking me about his mainsheet setup on an on-line forum, and was thinking of using line clutches or line jammers for his mainsheet. I tried to explain that this was both unwise and dangerous. A line clutch or line jammer can take too long to release—and in the case of a […]

A Simple Fender Board

On one of the sailing forums I frequent, a poster asked about fender boards. For the cruising sailor, especially one that has to deal with slips that have rough pilings, concrete or stone seawalls or locks, fender boards can prevent a lot of damage to the boat and fenders. The simplest fender board to make […]

Marine Sealants in a Nutshell

One thing you have to do on boats is bed hardware. This has to be done on a regular basis, especially with hardware that is under heavy cycling loads, like cleats. However, using the right sealant can make this task much simpler. Most people are familiar with silicone caulk, since it is the most commonly […]

Don Jordan and the Jordan Series Drogue

In my opinion, the greatest storm safety device ever created is the Jordan Series Drogue. The JSD was the brainchild of Don Jordan, a retired aeronautical engineer, in response to the fatalities that were the result of the 1979 Fastnet disaster. I believe that the Jordan Series Drogue is a piece of gear that every […]

Multihulls In A Nutshell

Multihulls have some advantages and disadvantages compared to monohulls, and a lot of how severe those advantages/disadvantages are depends on the exact design you’re looking at. Whether one will be suitable for your purposes depends a lot on what you’re trying to do. For instance, a lot of the charter market catamarans have trouble sailing […]