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Winter Storage and Solar Panels

This winter, I decided to store the s/v Pretty Gee outdoors. Since my marina doesn’t allow you to keep a boat plugged in, I decided to add a small solar panel to keep the batteries topped off, so I ordered a small 25-Watt panel from Harbor Freight.  While I have two large solar panels, I […]

Omnivore’s Dilemma

( Books andThoughts )

Currently, I am reading Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. I am about halfway through the book.  Thus far, this is a fascinating book that takes a look at America’s modern food supply chain and how it has been corrupted by the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and government intervention because of political, corporate and military reasons. The […]

Telstar 28—Evolution

I originally wrote the following post for the International Telstar Owners Association Forum.  I’ve decided to re-publish it here as well, since many of the visitors to my blog are interested in the Telstar 28. ********************************************************* The Telstar 28 was introduced in late 2003. Since the boat was introduced, it has had some changes to […]