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LED Lights

One thing that I’d highly recommend for all cruising sailboats is upgrading to LED-based lights. This is for two reasons. The first is that upgrading to LED lights can reduce the electrical load on a cruising sailboat significantly. The second is that LED-based lights are lower maintenance and lower cost over the long run. You […]

Bilge Pumps

Over on one of the sailing forums I participate in, there was a question about how to setup the bilge pumps on a boat.  Here are my thoughts on that issue. Ideally, the a monohull sailboat should have at least four bilge pumps.  Two would be electric, and two would be manual. The two manual […]

The Next Generation Automobile

( Essays andNews andTech )

The average passenger car requires about 25 horsepower for 90% of its operation.  The only time more horsepower is really needed is when the vehicle is accelerating. Unfortunately, current automotive technology has to design the engine for the 10% requirement of relatively high-horsepower, rather than the 90%—leaving the engine running fairly inefficiently 90% of the […]

Should We Bail Out Detroit

George W. Bush’s plan to tap the TARP fund to bail out the big Three is short-sighted and irresponsible. It doesn’t matter where the money goes, it is throwing good money after bad. Letting the auto industry sink or swim on its own is the only way to get the UAW and the management of the big three automakers to accept a changed reality of the auto industry. Honda, Toyota, et al, all have factories in the USA now. Building cars that are fuel efficient is something that should have been done decades ago….

Evolution of the Telstar 28

( Sailing )

The Telstar 28 was introduced in late 2003. Since the boat was introduced, it has had some changes to the design as it has evolved. The original boats had a centerboard with a draft of 4′ 3″. It was offered in two models, a base version that was essentially the hull and mast, but didn’t […]