Passing Through

Posted on Monday 3 November 2008

Got a message from a friend of mine that he was going to be stuck at Logan Airport for a couple hours and asked if I could meet him and have coffee at the airport. Since I wasn’t that far from the airport and could take the time off, I decided to head over there.

Craig, a fellow sailor, was waiting for his flight to the 52nd state, as we generally refer to Canada. He was headed up there for work. We met at the Au Bon Pain, which is a coffee shop/bakery chain pretty common on the east coast.

Last time I saw Craig was on my trip down to Maryland and Virginia three weeks ago. He was one of the people that came by Chuck and Mary’s house and went to the boat show with us. He’s not too bad for a monohull sailor; he has a Sabre 34.

One of Craig’s hobbies is playing various stringed instruments. He’s fairly good, and has some videos posted up on

He’s got a fair collection of stringed instruments as you can see in this photo of his. He had a mandolin and a fiddle with him, as several of his friends in Nova Scotia play, and he was going to be joining them.

Craigs Instrument Collection

Craig's Instrument Collection

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