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XKCD, a web comic

( Misc. )

One on of the forums I am on, someone linked to a webcomic, The webcomic, while not the most well executed, since the main characters are stick figures, is very well done and thought provoking. I’d highly recommend you take a look. The humor is a bit twisted, much like my own, and not […]

The O’Day Javelin

Today, I was working at my friend’s company and a strange thing happened.  When she walked in, she asked me to take a look at some photos that were on her cell phone.  On her way into the office, she had passed a sailboat for sale.  She wanted to know what I thought of it. […]

Bad Service/Good Service

I thought I’d add another name to the vendor black list. Apparently, Quantum Sails of Newport doesn’t think much of its customers, at least in one case I’ve seen. I was looking at the stack pack on a friend’s boat, and there was a section about three inches long that the stitching had missed going […]

Happy Fourth Of July 2008!

Originally, my plans for the Fourth of July were to go and anchor out in Buzzards Bay, just outside the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier, and watch the fireworks over Fort Phoenix. I changed those plans because there was supposed to be a 70% chance of thunderstorms and the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier was going to […]

Ground Tackle

Recently, I was asked why I have such an oversized anchor hanging off the bow roller on the Pretty Gee. That’s a good question. The primary anchor I have on the Pretty Gee is a New Zealand-designed Rocna 15. It weighs 33 lbs., and is the same anchor that an acquaintance of mine uses on […]


( News andStupidity )

Tonight, on the news, I saw this story. Having been a caretaker for someone with terminal cancer, it is inconceivable that anyone would deliberately withhold cancer chemotherapy drugs from someone diagnosed with an 85–90% chance of survival. However, Kristen Anne LaBrie, a 36-year-old Beverly mother did just that—deliberately withholding cancer chemotherapy drugs from her autistic […]