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Siteseeing with Alex

My friend Alex was stuck up in New Hampshire for work. He lives in Portugal, but occasionally visits New England because of his job. Since I had some boat hardware for his boat, I went by his hotel yesterday to drop it off. Alex looked miserable, sailing withdrawal… Since my boat isn’t quite ready to […]

TackTick Display Installation and New Genoa Car Setup

Today was a good day.  As I was hoping, we got the boat launched today.  Here’s a spring boat projects quick update. As part of the spring refitting, I finished up the mounting of the TackTick displays that I installed last year. Last year I upgraded my boat’s instruments to TackTick instruments after having some […]

2008 Boat Project Update

Here’s a quick update on the various boat projects going on at the moment. The new line-controlled genoa cars have been installed. The new block and tackle for the outboard motor lift, that has an integrated cam cleat, has been installed. I’m upgrading the blocks for the backstay adjustment, and will be using a Garhauer […]