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New England Sports Fans

This season seems to be an unusually good one for New England sports fans. Last night, the Boston Red Sox just swept the Colorado Rockies to take the 2007 World Series. It does appear that the curse of the Bambino has finally been broken, as this is their second World Series victory in just four […]

Hauling Out

This Tuesday, I will be hauling the Pretty Gee for the season. I always dread this annual task, since it means that the sailing season is at an end. The long cold dark of winter will be settling in soon. I have some more projects for this winter. New Instruments The first one is finishing […]

Wayne’s First Sail

( Sailing andVideo )

A few weeks ago, I ended up taking one of Dave’s friends sailing for the first time. Wayne had never been on a sailboat, much less a trimaran. The weather was mid-70s and the winds about 15–20 knots, with clear blue skies. Somehow, I get the feeling, he’ll be back crewing with us on the […]

Downwind Sailing on Buzzards Bay

( Sailing andVideo )

Here’s a video from the downwind leg of the trip to Tarpaulin Cove, back on August 18, 2007.The weekend this was taken had some pretty nasty winds, with gusts of over 35 knots from what I was told. A friend told me that some moored boats in Newport had dragged and been damaged during that […]

Sailing Alongside A Cal 25

( Sailing andVideo )

Recently, I was out sailing during the Indian Summer weather we’ve had this October. A Cal 25 from my marina was setting out at the same time, so I thought we’d take some video of them sailing alongside us. I have a few more videos that were taken this season that I’m working on posting, […]

Drunk Driving and Personal Breathalyzers

( News andSecurity andStupidity andTech )

Recently, some companies have come out with personal breathalyzers. People are supposed to buy these small, portable, battery-powered devices so they can find out whether they’ve had too much to drink or not. Will using a personal portable breathalyzer help reduce drunk driving? No, I actually think it may make things worse. Personally, I think […]

iPod Classic

( Mac andTech )

I recently received a new iPod Classic. This is the latest generation of the full-sized, hard-diskdrive-based iPods. I’ve noticed a few things about it that I believe are a key reason that Apple has managed to retain the bulk of the MP3 player market share, even after all of these years. First, the hardware user […]