One Score and Eight Years Ago

Posted on Wednesday 19 September 2007

Today is always a day of mixed memories for me.

Twenty years ago today, my identical twin brother, David, was killed by a drunken driver just outside of Nashville, Tennesee.  The drunk driver only got 90 days suspended due to the incompetence of the police department that handled the accident investigation.

It took the police over five years to arrest the person who killed my brother.  During that five years, most of the evidence and the eyewitnesses to the accident got misplaced—resulting in the very light sentence.  They knew who the driver of the other vehicle was, and where he lived.  They just couldn’t do their jobs properly.

Eight years ago today, I got engaged to the lovely woman I married.  Gee and I got engaged a few days after I moved her to Seattle, from Virginia.  It was only two months and a bit over a week since the first time we had met on a blind date.

It was the second time I asked Gee to marry me.  The first was during our third date.  Her response was very encouraging—instead of laughing, or getting scared off, or saying no, she said,“No, not yet.”  The way I saw it, a “No, not yet.” was essentially a yes…not an immediate yes, but a yes nonetheless.

One very good memory and one very bad one make today almost normal for me.  Gee and David are two people I miss every day.  However, I know that they’re watching out for me though—like my two personal guardian angels.

People who have never lost anyone often say you’ll get over it.  That isn’t quite true… what really ends up happening is that you slowly get used to them being gone.  It isn’t an easy process, nor is it a quick one.  However, as time passes, you remember the good memories more easily, and the sadness and pain fade.

Happy Anniversary Gee… rest in peace little brother, I miss you both.

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