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Boat Projects Update

Unfortunately, the painting of the bridgedeck keeps getting interrupted by thunderstorms… really good thunderstorms… so I’ve been working on other projects. I hope that next week will have a few dry days in a row that I can get to the boat during to finish the painting. The projects I’ve managed to get a start […]

Father’s Day—What Two Fathers Taught Me

I’d like to wish two very special people a Happy Father’s Day today. They are my father and my father-in-law, Gee’s father. These are two of the most important people in my life, and I don’t believe that I tell them this enough. My father-in-law honored my in a way that I had never expected. […]

Soda Blasting, Bottom Painting, and Marinas

We finally got the Pretty Gee de-trailered on Friday, in preparation for the soda blasting and bottom painting. This was a bit more complicated than I had hoped. We placed the two beams under the boat, and soon it was clear that the two beams that Arion had made up to do the de-trailering weren’t […]

Six Years Ago

Six years ago today, I was cast Adrift At Sea. The amazing woman who had agreed to marry me in September 1999 finally lost her fight with pancreatic cancer. Gee passed away at 11:00 am, six years ago today, exactly seven months and seven days from the start of our wedding. Even today, I find […]

Brad’s Getting Older

This past weekend, we celebrated Brad’s birthday. Brad was the best man at my wedding and one of my three closest friends. I was the best man at his wedding a few years ago. He and I met in a journalism class at Northeastern, many years ago. He needed a photographer who could ski, and […]

Trailer Modifications, Boat Maintenance and Hauling Out

On Saturday, I did some modifications to the Pretty Gee’s trailer. I moved the wheels back about four-and-a-half inches, in the hopes that it would help balance the trailer out better. I moved the winch post back about seven inches as well. This should allow me to extend the amas while the boat is on […]