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Bridge Deck Update

Well, even though I’m not quite done with the bridge deck project, I thought I’d report on how it is going. The glassing of the exterior is complete, and I’ve started on painting the exterior of it. I got to test the bridge deck in action, on a day sail yesterday, with Mike and Mylien. […]

First Sail of The 2007 Season

Yesterday, I had the marina launch the Pretty Gee. I have some work to do on the trailer, and putting the boat in the water was the simplest way to get it out of the way so I can try and get the trailer balanced. I did have another motive for putting her in the […]


In the last week I’ve had some friends and family visit Boston and the surrounding area. My friend Cindy, who lives in New Mexico, was in town for a training last week. One aunt and uncle came here from Honduras to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Another friend, Alex from Portugal, has been working up in […]

Cockpit Stereo Installation

Here is a photo of the finished cockpit stereo speaker installation. The speakers aren’t behind deckplates as I originally planned. However, the space they are installed in does not let water into the boat’s bilge as it drains into the rudder quadrant locker. This space doesn’t really present any danger of flooding the boat if […]

Bridgedeck Installation

One of the projects I’ve decided to do this year is creating a bridge deck on the Pretty Gee. A bridge deck is a raised section in the front of the sailboat’s cockpit that is designed to prevent a pooping wave from entering through the companionway. Currently, there is no bridge deck on the Telstar. […]

Boat Work Update

The Bridgedeck Well, it’s been a few weeks since I started my spring projects on the Pretty Gee. I’ve decided to make it a permanent installation, instead of a removable locker. I’ve gotten some 3/8″ plywood and will be roughing out the shape of the locker with it. The plywood will be the core of […]

Ground Tackle Installation

I’ve finally gotten around to installing the ground tackle upgrade for the Pretty Gee. I removed the original foredeck cleat and the starboard side bow chock. Eventually, I’ll have to get around to removing the port-side chock but can’t get my fingers past the bowsprit to do it yet. Here’s a photo of the new […]