More E-voting Problems

Posted on Wednesday 1 November 2006

Recently, two articles have pointed out problems with the electronic voting machines in Florida and Texas. In both stories the problems reported machines recording GOP votes when people actually had voted for the Democratic candidate.

It is interesting that neither story reports which company manufactured the electronic voting machines having the problems. It is also interesting that the two states these stories are occurring in have heavy ties to the Bush family. The current sitting president was governor of Texas, and his brother is currently governor of the Florida.

Finally, it is very curious that the machines in both stories are biased toward the GOP. Statistically, the bias should be random, if it is not intentional. It would be very suspicious if the machines in both of these stories turn out to be made by Diebold, whose CEO has publicly stated his support for the GOP.

Do you still think that George W. Bush was fairly elected in either 2000 or 2004. Think about it.

In 2004: The CEO of one of the largest manufacturers of electronic voting machines had promised to deliver votes to the Bush campaign in 2004 in the state of Ohio. The other state critical to the Bush victory was governed by his brother and had repeated voter registration and voting irregularities. Also, the CEO of Diebold* promised to deliver the votes of Ohio to Bush. Also, the exit polls did not track with the tallied vote results—which is one of the warning signs used by election monitors when overseeing foreign elections to see if they are free and fair.

In 2000: Florida’s Secretary of State was responsible for deciding whether a re-count should be done, also worked as a Bush campaign employee. The vote in the state of Florida was critical to Bush winning the election, and a re-count may have gone against Bush.

* The Diebold electronic voting machines, which are used in many voting precincts, are known to have serious security flaws and have no distinct audit trail to determine whether the vote tallies have been tampered with or not.

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