More Diebold Problems

Posted on Monday 30 October 2006

Apparently, Diebold has issued a quiet recall on the motherboards in their insecure electronic voting machines. This article from the freedom to tinker blog has the details. One interesting detail in the story is that according to a Diebold internal memo, the flaw was known in March of 2004, and yet Diebold allowed the faulty machines to be used in the 2004 elections. Why would the company allow faulty machines to be used in elections of national importancethe CEO of Diebold did have a promise to deliver the votes of Ohio to the Bush to keep.

Why are we using insecure, provenly unreliable technology as part of the heart of our democratic system. Could it be that we’re doing this because the company that makes the machines is a devoted supporter of the Bush administration regime. Hmm.. Food for thought.

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