Picasa 2.5 Released

Posted on Friday 15 September 2006

Good news for the PC users out there. Google has released Picasa v. 2.5. This is great for Windows-based PC users who are into digital photography, since the PC platform doesn’t really have anything like iPhoto on the Mac. There are higher-end programs, like i-View Multimedia Pro, and Lightroom, but i-View is fairly expensive for the home user and Lightroom is still a fairly buggy beta product at the moment.

While I’m writing about photography for the moment, I’d like to plug a few other photo sites that I find excellent.

The first is the PhotographyBlog. This is a general photography news site. Much of what is on this site is just the electronic version of press releases from the photo industry. There are the occasional links to gems mixed in, so it is a good one to add to an RSS reader.

The second is Luminous Landscape. This website focusses on landscape, nature and documentary photography. It covers both digital and traditional photography techniques and equipment. If you have any interest in photography, I would recommend taking a look.

The third is Strobist, which was mentioned a few posts back. Strobist is a blog that has a fairly narrow, but important focus area—low-cost, off-camera flash lighting techniques. The blog originally started off with a boot camp of sorts, with six assignments, and the results of the assignments were posted to a Flickr photo pool.

The last website I’d like to bring up is Flickr itself. This is a great site if you want to share your photos with friends and family and don’t have your own website. It is also a great place to browse photography, and see the depth and breadth—some of the photography on Flickr is excellent, some is atrocious, some is exotic, others quite mundane. The skill level of the photographers ranges from those who could easily sell their work and make a living at it, and some of those on Flickr do, to those whose photos are best relegated to the circular file.

What photography sites do you like?

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