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Over on Dear Elena, there is a post titled “Blame”. It is about whether Daniel or Kim is responsible for their daughter’s death. Elena died from a bacterial infection about six months ago. I can understand this behavior. I went through much the same thing after my twin brother, David, was killed. I also went […]


As a photographer, I found one site very interesting. The site is called Strobist, and is a blog by a professional photographer, and is all about using small, hot-shoe based flash, particularly off-camera, for photography. While he has scaled back the level of his blogging recently, the site is an excellent resource for any photographers […]

Apple Update

( Tech )

Apple has finally completed the switch from Motorola/IBM PowerPC processors to Intel-based processors for all of its computers. Now, all of the Mac line are available in Intel-based versions. The MacMini was among the first to be replaced, with an Intel version. The iMac was replaced by a very similar appearing Intel-based iMac. The 15“ […]

When Someone Leaves

A year or so ago, I started watching the Showtime TV series, Dead Like Me. I recently got the DVD set of the series. It is about Georgia, an eighteen year-old woman, who is killed by a falling piece of the Mir Space Station, and then becomes a grim reaper. In the TV show, the […]

Sailing Around Cape Ann

Since this is a sailing blog, at least to some degree… I should probably write about sailing at some point. As part of my plan for long-distance passage making, I was taking a Macro Cruising Course over at the Boston Sailing Center. I’ve also posted some photos, per Tillerman’s request. I hope you enjoy the […]

What is Terrorism?

Define: Terrorism This is the definition according to Wikipedia. Terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government and thereby effect political, religious, or ideological change.[1][2] Terrorist attacks are designed to influence the broader society to which those killed, injured, or taken hostage belong. The dramatic focus of […]

How Sails Work

I recently was referred to Arvel Gentry’s website to read about sails and how sails generate lift. Tillerman, has had a series of posts on this very same topic, and I’ve generally been one of the people involved in the discussions that followed. So I thought I’d write this post to see what Tillerman thinks […]

What Do You Need on a Boat?

I’ve been going over all the things I’ve bought, used, or have planned on buying for the Pretty Gee. I’ve found a few things essential for sailing and maintenance. The list of indispensable things for sailing so far are: My Boye’s Rigging Knife with Marlinspike. The knife blade is made of cobalt carbide and doesn’t […]

Journalism, Photoshop, Ethics and Discrimination

Reuters is one of the largest media companies in the world. Their well known for their news coverage in written, photographic and television media. They are also well known for their business and financial news coverage. However, recently, their credibility has come under fire—understandably so. A recent photo, that was supposedly taken by a Reuters […]

Fear of Death

There’s a post on a blog I read called Fear of Death. The post is about the fear of death, and of dying that was caused by her friend’s diagnosis with a particularly nasty form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The author writes: “And it was only then, maybe ten minutes before they arrived, that I finally […]

Government Gone Amuck

“Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren’t, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it.” —Gloria Steinem This was the quote of the day today, and somehow it seems very appropriate given some of the recent stories I’ve been reading. I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in the […]