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WordPress Upgrade

( Security andTech )

WordPress has just been updated.  The new version, 2.04, is a security release, and has over 50 bug fixes.  You can get it at

Hauling Out

Well, this weekend was spent hauling the Pretty Gee out of the water. I went down to the marina on Friday to get her ready for the haul out. The main reason for hauling the boat out of the water in the middle of the season is the waterline. The waterline, where the hull paint […]

Cell Phone KIA

( Events andMisc. andMy Life andStupidity andTech )

Well, I did go out sailing on Wednesday. While the day was pretty good overall, my cell phone was killed in action. It fell out of my shirt pocket, and into the water along side the Pretty Gee, when I was tieing off one of the docklines. So, if you’re trying to reach me at […]

Sailing with Family

Today, I had the honor of taking my favorite aunt and one of my uncles out on the Pretty Gee. YS is generally referred to as “Auntie Ford” within my family, as she has worked at the Dearborn-based company for many years. WK, is the husband of my YS’s and my father’s late elder sister, […]

Four Crew, Sun, Fog and another Trimaran

Yesterday, I took the Pretty Gee out on Buzzards Bay again. My friend Dave, and my other friend’s son, Johnnie, and daughter, Lauren, along with a friend of theirs, Brandon, were along for the day. This was the first time that Lauren and Brandon had ever been out on a sailboat. It was also Dave’s […]

Say Hi To Brad

Patti Digh has a wonderful post on her blog about appearances, and not judging people by appearances. I’d invite my readers to go visit Patti’s blog and read the story. As a child, I learned to judge people based on their actions towards me and my friends, rather than on what others say about them […]

Beautiful Memories

Today, the tenth of July, is a very special day for me. Today, I celebrate the seventh anniversary of the day I met Gee for the very first time. For those of you who don’t know about how we met—it was through a blind date, setup by a mutual friend of our parents. Seven years […]

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Sailing

Well, yesterday was another beautiful day for sailing on Buzzards Bay. I started the day off by picking up my friend’s 14-year-old son again. We then stopped to pick up Nan, a friend of mine I met through the Boston Sailing Center. Next was the all important stop at the supermarket for lunch supplies, and […]

Taking Charge

Here’s the story behind why I was at the marina until 3:00 a.m. on the morning of the Fourth of July. On the afternoon of third of July, I was was sitting on the Pretty Gee, looking at the navigation electronics, as I wanted to see what the current wind conditions were like—as I was […]

The Fourth of July

I want to wish all my readers and visitors a Happy Fourth of July. This will be a very brief post as I am leaving for the marina in a few minutes. I was there until about 3:00 this morning, and am going back… While the weather doesn’t look all that promising for a sail—a […]

A Good Day on the Bay

Yesterday morning, I dropped by my friend’s house to pick up their fourteen year-old son—Johnnie Jr.—who had volunteered to be crew on my boat. His mother, who I’ve known since she and Johnnie Sr. were dating, was a bit worried about Johnnie Jr. going sailing on the ocean. I told her not to worry—I didn’t […]