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Grief, Love, and Loss

Grief and love are funny things. Losing someone you love so completely is something some people handle it well, and others not so well. I guess I probably fall in to the not-so-well end of the spectrum. Not quite seven years ago I first spoke to the woman I was destined to marry. I knew […]

Pretty Gee Update

( Sailing )

Here are a couple of photos of the final steps in the Boom Brake and Solar Ventilator projects. Photo of finished install of the Nicro 2000 Day and Night Ventilator on left, and photo of finished install of Spinlock PX PowerCleat on port side of cabintop, on right.

Integrity and Courage

( Music andNews andPolitics andThoughts )

I recently got one of the Dixie Chicks albums from a friend. Apparently, this is a follow-up album to the one that was boycotted during the start of the Iraq invasion. Lead singer Natalie Maines, apparently had the integrity and courage to say what she believed about the war in Iraq. From the CNN article […]

Life with Pretty Gee

This morning, I am sitting in a local cafe, down in the Fairhaven area, eating breakfast and writing this post via the cafe’s free WiFi network. Now that I’ve had the Pretty Gee about two months, I can give a somewhat reasonable report of what she is like. She is a fairly fast sailboat, and […]

Doing the Right Thing

( Misc. andNews andStupidity )

Have you ever lost a cell phone or PDA? I know that most of my techie friends would be up the creek if they ever lost their cell phone. Over the years, I’ve found a few, and always try to get in touch with the owner to return it. The problem is not actually losing […]

Dutchman Boom Brake Install

I am almost done with the boom brake install. The final step of the install is mounting a Spinlock Powercleat on the cabintop, just outboard of the port genoa sheet winch, which should be done tomorrow. Here are the details of the installation. Hardware: 1 x Dutchman Boom Brake BB500 1 x Wichard 1/4″ extra-long […]

More Boat Work

I spent most of the weekend working on the Pretty Gee. The three projects I worked on were the boom brake installation, adding a solar-powered ventilator, and the ground tackle system. Boom Brake Installation I rigged a tentative boom brake setup, with the line running from the starboard chain plate, to the Dutchman Boom Brrake […]

Celebrating Life

Yesterday, June 11, 2006, marks the fifth year since my Gee lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. To celebrate her life and her memory, I took her namesake, the Pretty Gee, out to Cuttyhunk Island. Cuttyhunk Island is one of the Elizabeth Islands, off the Massachusetts coast, which mark the southern boundary of Buzzards Bay.

Celebrating Death

I think that it is a sad sign when a society celebrates the death of a person. Even a person as sociopathic as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a human being. This is not to say that he should not have been brought to justice, as I firmly believe in justice. Al-Zarqawi was responsible for the […]

Visiting Fenway

( Misc. )

Last night, I was invited to tour Fenway and have dinner in the State Street Pavilion. I asked my friend Brad along, as he is a Red Sox fanatic. We were on the first tour group of the evening, and our tour guides was Amy. The tour was actually quite interesting, as there was a […]

Too Much Free Time

( Misc. ) had an article on Mentos and Diet Coke this morning that had a video I must share with you. Apparently, this is what you get when you have two people with too much free time, access to Mentos and Diet Coke, and inspiration from Las Vegas. The two decided to try and recreate the […]

Phishing E-mails

( Security andTech )

My previous post on the pharming scam attempt on one of the more popular sailing on-line forums led me to write about another common way to get ripped off. One common phishing technique used by today’s criminals is the faked e-mail. Here is a good example of one, posted as JPG image. Things to look […]

Web-based Scam Targeting Sailors

This post mixes two of my favorite topics: computer security and sailing. On one of the many sailing boards I visit, there was a posting for crew positions on the Team Compass Point boat for the 2006 Sydney-Hobart and Gosford-Lord Howe Island Races. I was curious about this, so I requested the information—sending them an […]

Sailing Books

( Sailing )

I have some books that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in sailing. Some are practical, some are entertaining, and some are educational. Here are the first group I’d like to recommend to my readers, and my reasons for recommending them. Educational The Complete Sailor: Learning the Art of Sailing, by David Seidman This […]


Why did you pick your marina? Was is the security, the amenities, the location, the price, the people, or something else? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, especially as I spend more and more time at the marina where I keep Pretty Gee. Moby Dick Marina is a private, gated facility with video […]

Ground Tackle, the Harbormaster, and Storm Preparations

Ground Tackle System I spent the Tuesday evening looking at the foredeck—trying to figure out how I’m going to mount the bow roller, windlass, chainpipe, mooring bitt, and chain tensioner. It looks like I’ll have to move the starboard bow chock and the current bow cleat. I was planning on adding another bow cleat in […]