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Playing Tourist

Blogging has been a bit light over the last week as I’ve been busy playing tourist. I had a friend in visiting, on her first ever visit to Boston. She wanted to see some of the historical things that make Boston such an important part of this country’s history. She also wanted to get a […]


What makes a good leader? I was watching a movie the other night… a tacky apopcalyptic movie titled, “10.5”, about an earthquake that devastates the west coast of the United States. The President of the United States in the movie is playing a game of basketball with an old friend when he is told about […]

To Serve And Protect

Generally, there isn’t a police officer around when you need one. There have been many times, on my various road trips, where I just wished a police officer was nearby, to see some of the incredibly stupid things some drivers do. Saturday was the exception that proves the rule. This past Saturday, as I was […]

A Windy Day on the Bay—More Work on the Pretty Gee

Early this morning, I took the Pretty Gee out on Buzzards Bay. It was the first time I’ve taken her out single-handed. Once out on Buzzards Bay, I put up the main sail with two reefs in. After sailing for about 45 minutes under just the mainsail, I decided to head back in. The waves […]

Sailing on Boston Harbor

I spent much of last week sailing on Boston Harbor in J/24’s and Olsen 25’s. On Friday, we went out on Boston’s Outer Harbor, to go to Lovell’s Island. The morning started out pretty exciting, with lightning and thunder, but the day’s end, it was absolutely magnificent. There were ten of us, on two Olsen […]

Shocking Work

I’ve been going over the work done by Peter Kennedy Yatch Services on the Pretty Gee, and it isn’t very pretty. Even though Peter Kennedy came very highly recommended by several sailors I had e-mailed and spoken with, and by Performance Cruising, the manufacturers of the Telstar, I would not recommend him. While I tried […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to my friends and family, both on-line and off. I would particularly like to mention Tammy, Eunok, my Jangmo, my mother, and my sister, Debbi.

Return to Cape Cod

Late last night, I drove down to Cape Cod. I had picked up two friends, who are visiting for the weekend, and we all went down to my sister’s condo on the Cape. It’s a pretty good ways out to where the condo is—if you look at Cape Cod as an arm, the condo is […]

Upcoming Boat Work

I have a lot of upcoming work for the Pretty Gee. I am planning on installing shroud covers, to help prevent the genoa sheets from snagging on the shrouds. I also have two flag halyards and the radar reflector mount to setup. I also plan on adding halyard catchers to the shrouds, to help prevent […]

Boat Work

Over the last week, I’ve spent a fair amount of time getting the Pretty Gee organized and doing small projects to get her ready for use. A lot of the recent projects have had to do with USCG regulations. Yesterday, I mounted two fire extinguishers, one in the cockpit, and one in the main cabin. […]

Sunset on Buzzards Bay

Dave and I took the Pretty Gee out on Buzzards Bay for the first time this evening. Even though our original plan was to get some sailing in on Buzzards Bay—the wind just wasn’t there. So we ended up motoring both ways, but we did get a chance to see the sunset while we were […]

Lowering the Bar

( My Life andRants andSailing )

Apparently, the definition of what passes for quality, professional work, has gotten lower. I asked around and was given Peter Kennedy’s name as the go-to guy for doing the electrical upgrades on my Telstar. He was recommended by several sailors I spoke with, as well as the Telstar manufacturer, Performance Cruising. Given these references, I […]