Not All Americans

Posted on Thursday 13 April 2006

Not all Americans believe that what the American government has done is right. Some Americans are very much against the War in Iraq. Many are against the actions of the Bush regme, and believe that what the Bush regime has done in the name of national security has very little to do with actual security for the American people.

Not all Americans believe that George W. Bush was legitimately elected to office, in 2000 or 2004. There are just too many questions about both elections. Katherine Harris should have recused herself as Florida’s Secretary of State, and let a truly impartial party decide whether the votes should be recounted. The Diebold electronic voting machines have proven themselves to be easily tampered with, and the CEO of Diebold all but said he would make sure that Ohio’s votes went to W, regardless of how the voting actually went. Even the exit polls showed GWB losing, and they are used as a measure of whether elections in other countries are free and fair, yet the Republicans denied their use in America’s own elections.

Not all Americans believe that the corporations, agricultural industry and wealthy should have the subsidies and tax cuts they have been given. The Bush regime continues to spend more and more, yet also continues to give tax breaks to the wealthy and allows corporations to escape paying their fair share of taxes. Exactly where does he think the money will come from?

Not all Americans believe that the Bush regime has upheld its obligations to enforce the Constitution and laws of this country. The “War on Terrorism” has done little to make the world safer for Americans—or any one else for that matter. It could be argued that the “War on Terrorism” has, in fact, made the world a much more dangerous place, and encouraged the terrorists by attacking them with little regard for the thousands of innocents killed in the “War on Terror”. If the Bush government has broken faith with the American people—do the American people have the right to withhold taxes?

Not all Americans believe that the Department of Homeland Security has done anything to increase security for the American Homeland. DHS routinely uses the terror alert level as a political weapon, and the only thing being secured is the profits of the corporations being paid by DHS. ChoicePoint and other DHS vendors have proven, repeatedly, that they are not qualified or skilled in anything remotely resembling real security. The thuggish tactics that DHS and the police have adopted, following the Bush regime’s false cry for national security has left the American people with fewer rights and more restrictions and fear than ever before. Banning butane lighters on airplanes wouldn’t be necessary if the terrorists were prevented from boarding the plane with explosives.

Not all Americans believe that Islam is evil. There are both good and bad in any religious or ethnic group. Unfortunately, the moderate point of view has been drowned out by the horrific actions of the fundamentalist zealots—this is true whether the religion is Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Not all Americans believe what the Bush regime has said about the events on September, 11. 2001. They have lied almost everytime they open their mouths. There is a lot that has yet to come out.

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