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Posted on Sunday 9 April 2006

This is a roundup of various small news articles I’d just like to highlight.

Vermont Calls for Bush Impeachment

According to this Yahoo News article, the state government of Vermont, which is highly Democratic, passed a motion asking Congress to open impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush.

This is probably a good idea, as what George W. Bush has done, while in office, is both illegal and unconstitutional. Specifically, the article mentions how Bush misled the nation on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and engaged in illegal wiretapping, which is still ongoing.

FISA Violations Summary

Stephen Laniel has a nice, succinct summary of the whole warrantless wiretap FISA violation issue at his blog.

It really puts the whole thing into perspective and makes it clear how the Bush regime is abusing its powers and violating the Constitutional rights of Americans, as well as breaking the laws.

Laniel also suggests, in another article, that we should jail the people involved in the un-Constitutional acts.

Emergent Chaos points out that Attorney General Gonzales left open the possibility of warrantless wiretaps on domestic calls. While the Irregular Times has a related article titled “New Evidence of Massive Government Spying Against Ordinary Americans”.

More Unethical Behavior from the Commander in Thief Chief

Several sites have stories on how the Plame leak may have been authorized by George W. Bush. You can read more about it at The Left End of The Dial.

By the way, The Left End of the Dial has an interesting take on the Plame leak, and shows the difference between Truman’s Presidency, where he had a sign that said “The Buck Stops Here” and recognized that real leadership involves accountability for both the good and the bad in decision making—compare that to the “I didn’t know” policy of the Bush regime.

The Irregular Times also has a good article which shows the progression of unethical behavior via various quotes from members of the Bush regime. The Bush regime’s track record is one of blatant lies and falsehoods…about everything ranging from the reasons for the “War on Terrorism”, to the current state of terrorist threats, to their own actions.

The Irregular Times also has a nice take on Bush’s declassification of the Plame info here. Very worrisome that the Bush regimes tactics parallel those of another highly unethical Republican administration, Nixon’s. Tempus Fugit has an article on this as well. Dan Gillmor has an article about the leaks on his blog. Hammer of Truth has one as well.

New Paper on “The Myth of the Global War on Terror”

There is a new paper by Mary Ellen O’Connell, at the Notre Dame Law School, that is a must read. The paper, which was published in the ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law, is titled, “When is a War Not a War? The Myth of the Global War on Terror”.

Here is the Abstract.

It is essential to correctly classify situations in the world as ones of war or peace: human lives depend on the distinction, but so do liberty, property, and the integrity of the natural environment. President Bush’s “war on terror” finds war where suspected members of al Qaeda are found. By contrast, war under international law exists where hostilities are on-going. To the extent there is ambiguity, the United States should err on the side of pursuing terrorists within the peacetime criminal law enforcement paradigm, not a wartime one. Not only does the criminal law better protect important human rights and other interests, it avoids elevating terrorists to the status of combatants in a war with the world’s only superpower.

More Thuggish Behavior From DHS

Not surprisingly, the current fascist regime has led to abuses by their underlings. Here is a story about a local teacher and his run-in with DHS goons.

911 Call Treated as Prank

According to an MSNBC article, a woman died when the 911 operator treated her 5-year-old son’s 911 call as a prank. He had called 911 twice after his mother collapsed in their apartment according to this Washington Post article. Incompetence and arrogance seems to be a most valued skill set currently.

Thanks to Homeland Stupidity for the heads up on this.

Man Detained for Singing a Clash Song

Bruce Schneier had this article on his blog. Apparently, a man was detained and questioned after he was reported to security officials. The Clash song he had been singing has “War is declared and battle come down” as part of its lyrics according to this BBC article. Paranoia and thuggish behavior in a Bush regime allied country… big surprise.

It would make much more sense to do things that improve the actual security of the people in the UK and US, rather than have a set of relatively ineffectual, knee-jerk reactionary responses, that masquerade as security measures.

More Stupidity Abounds

Homeland Stupidity had this series of updates on election and voting-related stories. My favorite one is this:

And finally, Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell, who was proud to have delivered the 2004 election to Bush and mandated that the state use Diebold equipment in 2006, actually owns Diebold stock. Way back when, I was among the first to break the story of his gubernatorial bid.

It appears that his choice of the easily-tampered-with Diebold election machines was not the objective, and rational choice that it should have been.

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