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Finally Home Again

Friday I drove up from Annapolis on Friday. I trailered the Pretty Gee up to Fairhaven. Here’s a photo of the Pretty Gee on her trailer with my truck at a rest area in New Jersey. The drive up went smoothly, after redistributing the weight in the boat. Initially, the trailer tongue weight was a […]

Screachers Rock

This morning, I went down to Performance Cruising to put a few things on the boat. While I was there, I mounted the ensign flagstaff on the stern arch. I also checked out the handheld VHF charging cradle and GPS chartplotter. The handheld VHF has very limited DSC capability, and needs an NMEA 0183 feed […]

Yay, Sailing Again

Okay, it’s only a partial Yay! I had a chance to go sailing on a Telstar today. It is only a partial Yay! because the boat wasn’t mine. The Pretty Gee is still being worked on, and sitting on her trailer, as you can see here. When I got to Performance Cruising today, Will asked […]

More Miscellany

More short entries about recent news worth looking at. More Political Corruption A recent New York Times article mentions that a former governor of Illinois, Republican George Ryan, has been convicted of all charges in a federal corruption case. The administrations of several Illinois Democrats, including Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley are […]

Corporate Ethics

( News andTech )

In a recent Fox News story, Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy, the national electronics retail chain has been accused of using pirated software. This isn’t really surprising. Reuters, the financial information and news wire service, constantly pirated software for use at special events. So do many other large corporations. What is surprising is […]

The Sailing Season Finally Arrives…

For Me While Tillerman has been blogging about the start of the spring sailing season, it hasn’t started for me quite yet. That is about to change. Today, I spent most of the day packing two crates of equipment to take down to Annapolis. The crates have a lot of the USCG-required safety gear: PFDs, […]

Happy Easter

( My Life )

I just wanted to wish my friends, family and blog readers a Happy Easter. Although, I’m not a big fan of Easter, since Gee was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Easter Sunday back in 2000—I’ve decided to start celebrating Easter again this year. Blogging will be a bit light since I’ll be traveling later this […]

Not All Americans

Not all Americans believe that what the American government has done is right. Some Americans are very much against the War in Iraq. Many are against the actions of the Bush regme, and believe that what the Bush regime has done in the name of national security has very little to do with actual security […]


( Misc. )

I was reading Defective Yeti, and came across this somewhat twisted take on Parenting… Just hit a funny bone, sounds like something some of my friends would do…particularly Dave and Brian.

Boat Update

Well, right now, I’m waiting for Peter Kennedy to get back to town. We’re still trying to figure out how to mount two large solar panels on a smallish boat. The most recent idea that Peter had is to mount the panels on rails that run from the amas to the cockpit railings. These are […]

Two Memes

( Misc. )

I got tagged on two memes… so I thought I’d post both of them together. I’d like to tag sinistertiger, ewoh nairb and tillerman for these two memes. I’d like to tag sinistertiger, ewoh nairb and tillerman for these two memes. The first meme is the Birthday meme…where you go to Wikipedia and enter in […]

News Roundup

This is a roundup of various small news articles I’d just like to highlight. Vermont Calls for Bush Impeachment According to this Yahoo News article, the state government of Vermont, which is highly Democratic, passed a motion asking Congress to open impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush. This is probably a good idea, as what […]

Birthday Wishes

Today, is Nicholas’s birthday. He’s my nephew, my sister’s eldest son, and today he turns five. He’s out celebrating with his family at the moment. Sunday, we’re having a big birthday party for him. Nicholas is one of the major reasons I decided to move back to New England. I tend to spoil him rotten, […]

Precious Memories

I was reading this story over at Dear Elena. It reminded me of how truly precious some of the memories can be. For me, there are three stories, the first involves Gee, the second involves my twin, David, and the last involves my nephew Max. Gee A few months after Gee moved in with me, […]

What is the Threat?

Over at the Irregular Times, they’ve got an article called What is the Threat? It is a good question, and I’ve actually mentioned this idea previously on my blog. You can see the two stories here, and here. It really depends on how you define Security. From the Oxford Dictionary: security |siˈkyoŏritē| noun ( pl. […]

The Weather Goddess Laughs

Well, April is finally here, but apparently no one told winter to leave yet. I think I hear the weather goddess laughing—saying that winter should have one last fling before the glorious arrival of spring. I asked for good weather for sailing, and this definitely does qualify—its pretty windy—but I have almost an inch of […]

More of the Same

Bad behavior still showing up in Republicans all around. Not all that surprising… kind of predictable, and very sad. Unethical Voter Registration—California Style In California, the Republican Party has been accused of flipping people to the Republican party without their permission. Orange County election officials received complaints from 167 people, and an investigation by the […]

More Corporate Disloyalty

( News andTech andThoughts )

In a recent Security Focus article, there is a discussion about Blizzard, the DMCA, and the use of lawyerbots to prevent copyright infringement. Unfortunately, this is corporate bullying at its worst—the book they’re preventing from publishing isn’t a matter of copyright infringement, but of lost corporate profits and licensing fees. Quoting from Mark Rasch’s article: […]

Telstar #334 Update

Paperwork Well, I’ve gotten started on the USCG paperwork for getting the boat documented. I’m working with Judy Grovner, over at the BoatUS Documentation Center. Unfortunately, the documentation process has been delayed by a problem with the builder’s certificate of origin. The certificate, as I received it, had figures for the boat’s measurements which didn’t […]

Gateway and Customer dis’ Service

( Rants andSecurity andTech )

I was reading a post over at Cavemonkey50 technology blog. It was about bad customer service from Gateway computers. I’m really not surprised. I had a run-in with the quality of their customer service a few years ago—I’ve posted the story here again, from my website archives. Customer Disservice Saturday, December 13th, I spent the […]

Happy Birthday Apple

( Mac andNews )

Well, today is April 1, 2006, and Apple computer was founded 30 years ago. As an avid Mac user, I would like to wish Apple a very Happy 30th Birthday.